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  1. No no... WE thank you 😁
  2. Put both files in the "resources" folder of nitrogen, it will swap files. You will generate the map using A19 Vanilla (default).
  3. Thanks for the awesome work as always. You and the builder community. Making the replayability of the game much more fun!
  4. A good way to test is to place a bedroll next to the chest before starting the quest, it doesnt start if have an bedroll in the quest area.
  5. I had a lot of that console errors when using a Nitrogen made map. The far distance pois models do not unloaded when i got close to them, causing strange textures overlaps. I was seeing the poi and the distance poi (marbled blocks) merged together.
  6. Singleplayer, fresh vanilla map, 3 days and no strange blocks. No errors. Singleplayer, Nitrogen map, first building have the blocks. Happens the "WRN No chunk for position" errors.
  7. -UPDATE- Created a new game on the same map, in b169. The same errors still ocurring Used the console command "pois" in front of a bugged buildg and the strange blocks vanished. But would be awesome to have normal building and still see the pois from distance 😁
  8. These errors appear on the output log. Dont known if that is related. My system really need an upgrade but that will take some time xD At the moment: i5 4570, 16Gb RAM, GTX 1660 Ti
  9. The World was generated using Nitrogen Tool. But as @Gamida said, some people is having this problema in vanilla since a18.
  10. Tipying "pois" (without the ") in the console menu (F1) seems to have resolved for me.. But i dont see buildins from distance anymore =/
  11. I'll try the commands.. thanks xD Rellogging only refresh the immediate area, the area around still have the problem.
  12. Saddly, "cm" in console can bypass that option. After forcing me to delete any save when i used cm, i learned to control myself.
  13. Yo all, First of all: -This isnt in the Support because im having this problem only when using Nitrogen map generator. -This isnt in the Nitrogen thread because some people is having this problem without using the Nitrogen. -This isnt in a19 bug thread because it is modded. So im not asking for an official support, and looking for possible help from other fellow players. Some blocks are showing like a crude similar block instead, like you can see in the screenshot. I already disable texture stream and not happened. If i relog the imedi
  14. Found that the "phantom blocks" only appear when i host with my brother. Everything is normal to him and if im in single player it is fine too. But when i host, some buildings have that strange block. Turning off occlusion didnt helped and that doesnt happen on vanilla generated maps.
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