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  1. To be fair I agree. I had a dedicated world with three of my friends, it can't handle it. With four people in game it causes the hosts game to crash every 20-30 minutes, that's not bad for the dedicated people, however when it does crash for the host there is a chance that some parts to people's bases can be deleted, as it happened to me and my friends a considerable amount of times. It's sad to see, the game is good, the only thing holding back the devs of the game I imagine is money and hardware limitations.


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    Now, granted I'm no developer, but I know enough to call BS on this whole Multiplayer CO-OP thing.


    First off - the system can already handle 2 players in co-op mode.


    Second - the system can already handle 4 players in online mode.


    Now this isn't rocket science by any means, but 2+2 = 4, the current max the system and game can handle......so, BS, 4 player local co-op would be feasible as it would be two machines carrying the burden instead of one and as stated, the game can already carry 4 people max. Whether you want to try to argue system limitations, you self defeat on the basis of what is being requested as a part of that function can already be handled by the system 2-player co-op and 4 player online play.....i think it would be a valid trade-off to play 4 people in a household rather than 4 players online. You would have to sacrifice one or the other, but you've already shown the game and system could handle it.


    lastely: what is done with other players already taxes the system the way it is as all that data has to be processed by the system anyways as it shows up on all screens in 4 player multiplayer. If the PS4 can hadnle 100 player blackout BS in COD4 (Splitscreen i might add), it can handle 4 player splitscreen between two machines in the same household, and though I love this game as do my kids...it ain't some AAA genre graphics breaking game were talking about, its actually a pretty basic game graphically....(no offense intended its one of its appeals)


    The thing with having max four people per lobby is for a somewhat stabilisation for the dedicated server. Even with four people it still becomes unstable after some time, which leads to crashes and parts of people's bases being deleted.

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