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  1. I should also add, I'm chit chatting with Nexus. They may launch a "Mod Author Page" which allows us to host, well, tons of little modlets and such for you guys to pick and choose from. I'll be splitting up all the guns, 1 by 1, into this own downloadable files. So you can pick which weapons you want to have in your game. This will be barebones, just in traders/loot and probably a recipe book to unlock crafting at TFP's basic workbench. These 1x1 firearms will not be tied to progression, no fancy UI work, no vast changes with them. Just guns to stick in vanilla, and they're going to be easy to
  2. So I think you might be really happy with what I've done with this project. It's up on Nexus now under a new title, Weaponry. The main files are still 17.4, but there is a "beta" test version of Weaponry up there for everyone to test out. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/304 This is a mix of both major complaints I've gotten about this project. One, is exactly what you're saying. You enjoy just looting guns and running around with an array of cool weapons to cause carnage. The other, is exactly what you're complaining about. People wanted more customization to the guns. A way to
  3. It's been a while! But I'm back. I'll try and be more active here for A18, much more then I was for A17. Thankfully my workload is not as insane for this version IRL, so I'll be able to frequent here a lot more often. Big plans for A18 with Firearms. Love what TFP has done, and the new M240 is amazing! The iron sites are very well done! Love it! Can't wait to show you all what I have in store for this. Something big, vast, and truly unique that I hope can please all crowds. Main Concept: Weaponry Modlet In this version, I took ALL of Firearms, and a bit of Melee, dumped the unreali
  4. Yeah the current Melee project is more of an RPG type thing. It was a goofball project more then a "serious" mod like Firearms is. Lots of elemental mod attachments. Basically went for the MMORPG style of weaponry. Lots of glowie stuff! Looking at that code, makes me weep. But just yesterday I started redoing it a bit, getting localization all set up. Now to plan out something neat for it. Any ideas or suggestions? How do you envision melee weapons to be? I was debating of doing a "Make it yourself" melee weapon. So imagine you start out with a basic hilt. Metal, Wood, Scrap? Basically
  5. Thankyou! I had a blast putting this project together. The UI was really really fun to work on. I love how the icons for it turned out for it. Took me forever to make them all hand crafted. Learned a ton about Gimp (photoshop basically), and Substance Painter with this version. Melee helped me learn how to pull off the Flamethrower and Laser gun. But with Substance, I can now make weapon skins for everyone Super pumped about that one. I tested the waters with it a bit in melee, made some really nice skins just editing the UV layers in Gimp. But now I can really go above and beyond that
  6. Sorry if that came off defensive Been sick as a dog lately. I just wanted to highlight the programs I use to make all of this stuff Substance is amazing. Can have a bit of learning curve to it when doing your own customized textures. But I highly suggest starting out by using Smart Materials, as they are the easiest to use (basically the material is designed to blend better with the curves and different parts of the UV layer, rather then just slapping down a textured picture over the entire map, which is what normal materials do). It'll help you a lot with understanding how all the curves
  7. Yep! Legality of it is a bit of a pain for commercial use. But at this point in this mods lifespan, pretty much the only thing thats original from the asset I downloaded, is the mesh And even that is heavily edited on over half the guns for animations. All the animations are 100% custom made, and timed. Some of the textures are made by me, not just edited like I did for Melee And even the meshes are heavily edited, so that I can control certain things for animations. All the workbenches too are custom textured, with the Mod and Research table being made by me (just chopped up a bunc
  8. MASSIVE changes everyone! Sorry I haven't been around. Summer months have started, work is picking up, and Mayic is still sick as a dog Putting the end of this update together was very slow because of that, took me a while to write the directions up. I went ahead and made a wiki through Github, since the mod now has quite a bit to it, and requires a lot more detail then just a few pages of jumbled information. Forgive my horrid formatting here. Still new to these forums, so trying to figure out everything still.
  9. It should be good to go! I think my other project might conflict with Darkness Falls, but I personally reached out to Khaine to make my mod somewhat compatible. I have not personally tested this myself yet, but so far I haven't heard of any errors. After the next update when I get rid my of my progression tree, there shouldn't even be another issue
  10. Update: 1.06 4/9/19 Updates: Added Scrap Schematics. Break down unused/unwanted Schematics into Scrap Schematics for independent Crafting Research (Guns will now cost Scrap Schematics to research them for further crafting) Changed: Removed Schematics from being SELLABLE to traders. You can still buy them, but price is now increased to appropriate costs. Fixed: Balanced a few guns. AR15 is now single shot fire by default (full auto with mod) Balanced shotgun ammo recipe costs. Now take Buckshot instead of bullet tips.
  11. Update: 4/7/19 1.05 Updates: Big change to how guns are learned for further crafting Firearms can now be found in Schematic Books, which can be used to learn how to craft each individual weapon. This bypasses Progression Level requirements for individual weapons. Ammo can now be found in Schematic Books as well. Ammo and Firearms are NOT unlocked together, like they are in progression. Progression is still existing. This method is used to unlock full groups of weapons, and their respective ammo type. Schematics can also be crafted at the new Research Table Image Guns will require: O
  12. Hotfix 1.04 4/6/2019: Fixed: Fixed Localization Quest.txt and Localization.bat. Quests should now display proper text Fixed new Challenge Books to traders and loot groups Update 1.03 4/4/19: Added: Added RGB Holo variance Added Quest Challenges! Now complete various kill tasks to receive more skill points. They require the correct class of weapon (Handguns, SMG, Shotguns, Rifles, Snipers, and Chainguns) Added original ammo and weapon types to Ammo/Firearms scrapping Changed: Changed various audios, most notibly RCP90 Adjusted Progression. Holos now unlocked at level 4. All
  13. Oh just wait till I get explosive rounds working proper. That one is going to be FUNNNN. Sadly, the particle triggers like every .1 seconds, and I can't quite seem to figure out how to remove it... I tried EVERYTHING I could personally think of. In Melee, I just animated all the particles to near perfection on my buff timers to display what I wanted it to. That project was really fun. But with explosive ammo, I don't exactly want it to be a "one shot kill" ammo. I'd like to honestly replicate how Rust does its explosive ammo, and push for a small burst of AOE damage on impact (1 radius), and r
  14. Changes: Fully animated most of the weapons, every gun atleast has shell expenditure. Most have reload/recoil animations. Redid all item and ammo icons, making them far easier to read Added all items to Gun Workshop, and Ammo Workshop for easier crafting and sorting Added Scrap Guns, to compliment Scram Ammo Concept (details below) Added new sound Applied ALL gun modifications to (nearly) all the guns. Items such as the Luger, and M82 50 Cal, remain the same. Everything else has been vastly expanded, and custom tuned to fit all gun mods. Opened up all guns to multiple ammo types. Up
  15. FIREARMS 2 Patch 2.1 This version is VASTLY improved! Loads of new and exciting changes, including a new innovative way to handle recipes, and creating "Blueprints" for crafting! There is almost too much information to put into a single page, so over the past week I've been putting together a Wiki on Github for Firearms. I'll be expanding on that with much more detail as the summer progresses. New Wiki Source Hopefully you all find this source very helpful with the brand new version of Firearms -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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