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  1. And I thought wet concrete blocks were an intentional strategic design which comes in the form of a penalty for throwing up concrete blocks(in weaker form) during hoard night. Guess it was just an accidental strategic design. 🙃
  2. Stealth would also be higher value if they eliminated sneak damage bonus or at least halve it without investment. A single point into Hidden Strike is sufficient enough to never look back at Agility.
  3. Weapon jamming would be neat, but would cause grief to many if not implemented right. Perhaps above 80% degradation would give a very small chance to jam each shot fired? Jamming could simply mean a misfire and reload to clear. Structural brace mod would suddenly become more appealing.
  4. Regarding bow balance, I still find bows to be somewhat underwhelming, especially early game compared to other ranged weapons. Would the dev team consider a slightly faster draw rate across the board for bows? That one tweak would go a long way. Curious, what do your new analytics tell you about players choosing the Agility line?
  5. Agility weapons need a rework imo. It just cannot find it’s stride in current state. Bows try to compete with firearms and it shouldn’t. Bows need a different approach. It should be a bleed weapon as well whether it be via perks or bleed arrows. This would compliment knives nicely. Imagine... Plink several targets from a distance, stacking bleeds, then go in close with the knife and finish them off. Great synergy! Knife rework.. Regular attacks stack bleeds. Power attacks give bonus damage based on how many bleeds on target.
  6. I get what you are saying about simply rounding out T0, but isn’t this going to put us back in the predicament where we are swimming g in guns on day 1? Isn’t this going to put bows in a bad way yet again early on? I felt the blunderbuss an bows were in good place as early ranged weapons and enjoyed being mostly reliant on melee for the first few days. It was different and a rewarding challenge.
  7. The Blunderbuss and it’s generic gunpowder ammo are perfect as implemented in a19. Props! Why do we need yet another tier of firearms with these pipe guns? What gap does it fill? Early level is mostly about melee and it is refreshing. IMO, don’t mess with a winning formula. Increasing more tiers and expanding the loot tables will put the game in the position where many will desire to start a new map before ever seeing the highest tier weapons.
  8. I do like the new tiered approach to loot tables, but what is really missing is that very rare chance of looting something awesome. That is what drives looting.. the chance of scoring something really good that is hard to come by. Please consider.
  9. Anyone else notice how OP effective the new club spike mod is?
  10. Complaining about being 'stuck' with stone age with no access to 'better' items is just a fallacy. It's all just modified numbers in code that get incrementally better in game stages so you are essentially complaining about the name and picture icon of said item. Similar to thinking an amp that cranks up all the way to 11 is much better than one that goes to 10. 😆
  11. I was excited about the new infection system described before experimental release but then a19 dropped and it's the same infection as a18. Still never a threat after day 5 and still a ton of honey and antibiotics sitting in inventory after day 14.
  12. My victory garden and I take issue with the term "noob trap"
  13. I have noticed spears being more difficult to retrieve in a19
  14. The attribute system works fine single player. There are plenty of points to spend in multiple trees. You just wont be maxing out everything and you really dont need to. Reduced perk levels in a19 from 5 to 3 helps this too. I do agree that the Agility tree is not attractive at the moment. Bows are having a hard time differentiating themselves from the massive fire power in other trees. No one wants to stealth through a dungeon crawl which doubles the time it takes while smashing through with the right firepower has no repercussions. Agility does need work. Not sure what can be done for stealth to make it more attractive but I propose bows do stacking bleed damage when perked up. That would make Agility the DOT tree and it would lend itself a unique play style.
  15. Sprained leg was 10 minutes. Wow, 45 minutes to heal a broken leg? That does seem a bit extreme.
  16. When I sprained my leg is used it as an opportunity to organize my loot and spend perk points. The intent of the new injury system, I think, is to make you think twice before mindlessly brawl with every zombie you come across. Injuries should have a consequence. In a18, injuries didnt make me flinch.
  17. Leg injury is not so bad. You simply need to walk, not run for 10 minutes. It goes by fast.
  18. I am enjoying the early game re-balancing. - Less frustrating and more enjoyable harvesting of wood and stone. - Eggs and feathers are more plentiful. Why not? - Stone age loot is wonderful and refreshing. This will make later finds more spectacular. - Blunderbuss is fun and effective. The go to early weapon as it should be. - Early game zombies seem easier to kill than a18. This is needed for new players. I trust it will scale in difficulty as the days progress so I am not concerned. - The lack of guns yet plentiful bullets early game is a smart implementation. Keeps true to the stone age theme yet ammo stockpile is ready once that first gun is scored. One questionable balance concern is why are Bows sneak damage so over the top without perks? Why would I spec agility if I can already one shot without any investment? Also, crafting First Aid bandages are too easy to achieve. I believe it is only 3 perk points now. In addition, only 1 aloe to make a First Aid bandage? Why so easy now?
  19. "We have improved Random Gen in A19 to use every POI possible in the game" Will that include the Aztec canyon POI?
  20. Considering the current stone age in A18 doesnt even last a day, I dont mind this change.
  21. I agree, Junk Turret stagger is fine. The problem is the immediate reapplication of stagger which prevents the zombie from attacking at all. That is why most games implement immunity timers on most CC attacks. The Fun Pimps recognized the same inherent problem, thus adding immunity that prevents stunlocks in a19.
  22. Its not the damage that is OP, but the stunlock it offers.. 1. Enter room with gusto, loud and proud 2. Drop turret 3. Wreck everything that gets stunlocked with melee 4. Pick up turret 5, Rinse repeat The promise of zombie immunity from stunlocking in a19 will put turrets where they need to be. No other changes needed. Would also point out that no stunlocking could be a massive nerf to knuckle weapons since they rely on pummeling staggering zombies, but I'm sure the devs will balance this.
  23. I am excited about the junk sledge for two reasons. First, the current junk turret in a18 is way OP especially early game. Scoring a junk turret was always a milestone to 'sitting on easy street'. I love the turret, but it makes much more sense later on. Second, the junk sledge seems very situational which is fine with me. I like to be creative in setting up traps to its maximum effect and the sledge seems more defensive than offensive in that manner. No turrets early game combined with zombie stunlock immunity, this sounds like the challenge people are looking for.
  24. Its an open sandbox voxel game.. You are supposed to build and break anything you want, nerd poles included. Dont want it? Then dont do it. and I thought spoilage was an insufferable subject..☹️
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