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  1. The problem with catalysts take on PvP is that it should take forever to raid a base like the one he is mentioning, or a large group half a day. Do you realize how long it took that guy to buiild that base? It should take 5 times longer to raid a base as it takes to build it, should be a good standard.
  2. I have 6000+ hours in this game. In the last 3 years it has almost all been PvP. One of the biggest problems I have is when i get killed and lose all the armor mods and weapons I spent 100+ hours gathering. When I go out to try and find more it is extremly difficult going up against the zombies at my game stage, when my gear now does not match my gamestage. Maybe there would be a way for the game stage to be dropped when you are not well equipped?
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