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  1. Well. I'll be damned, if it isn't my Tentacled Overlord. Welcome to the forums boss, good to see that you're doing what you do best in a new game!
  2. I'll assume you're talking about the response some above me in regards to fees, as I said or related nothing regarding fees. I do not have specifics in regards to what the world editing software will include. I'm going to ASSUME that TFP, since they are going for a prefab-style layout to the game, will have something that allows the creation of prefab structures/areas/etc and the ability to save/export said files for consumption of others. Since we are looking in the future at randomly generated, progressively spawned worlds, I would expect that prefabs may get an over haul in the future in regards to what biome they should occur in, how rare they are, etc. In saying this, the prefab files would likely become obsolete, unless you made some way to import them in the new, upcoming format. As of now, since the game is still in its infancy, things are gonna change often and drastically, so working with modification now is just setting yourself up for annoyance at any point the code that you're hooking to changes/updates etc. This is part of the reason that they are discouraging modification right now. The other big part stems from issues that may arise from altered files throwing errors that the Pimps and QA dept would waste time trying to fix. The biggest example of this was with Sarcen's server client, which threw some strange errors with outdated DirectX versions among other things. We tried and could not reproduce the issue until they mentioned they were running the modified client and threw us a DXDiag. Wasted time means less real bugfixing and content improvement. I hope this explains things clearly. I'm not trying to be a ♥♥♥♥, but I know the hassles involved with people that aren't the brightest using modified files and not realizing what's making things go wrong.
  3. The section you quote has to do with INGAME tools.
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