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  1. I just started having this problem today and thought it might have been a mod. I listed the mods I have below in the screen shot. Running i5-3750k and Vega 56. 8gb ram. Windows 7 64 bit. I've found when a POI goes wonky I can exit and reload the map. The POI goes back to normal but it will start getting crazy with the walk through blocks and marble blocks. I was at this boat dock that had a boat with normal metal pontoons. When things went wonky, the entire boat turned into marble blocks. Hope there is a fix soon for this problem.
  2. "No digging zombies" throws and error before I even start a game. Has always done this for me. Great idea for a mod. Just doesn't work for me on a new game. Upgraded my stacksize increaser and looter because I saw you updated them six days ago. Hoping with updating all three mods the digging mod work work. Instead it resulted in this error: IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range" error whenever I try to open a container. The error makes it so that I can't close the box. I had downloaded your modlets master file. Tried your Zstallions looter and stacker folders. Tried your stallionslooter folder also. You also have stallionsstacksize increaser. Same error. Not sure which ones I'm supposed to be using because I see all of them were updated 6 days ago. Tried a new game with just looter and stacker. Same array index out of range error. Tried removing all those mods and seeing if I could get my old game to work. Same error. I remove both of your mods (looter and stacker) with a new game. No errors. I remove both of your mods (looter and stacker) with my old game. Get the index out of range error again. Which looter and stacker mold folder should I use for the latest build of A19? From your file description in the HTML section of both mod permutations (zstallions and stalliondens), and the descriptions look identical. Stacksize increaster - "Increases stacksizes of Items you wish to increase." zstallions looter - "increases the size of lootcontainers" Can you please help me troubleshoot this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi folks, I went into the 7 days to die launcher and went into clean game data. I checked removal of random generated worlds and maybe player profiles. Not sure about player profiles but did select random generated worlds. I then loaded up the game to load my save game. It's not listed. I then went into /appdata/romaing/7 days to die. I see a saves folder created on 7/6. Inside that folder I see navezgane folder, profiles and server admin.xml. Inside that navezgane folder I see a mygame folder with a bunch of items in there. It sucks because my guy was level 33 and that was a lot of hours put in. How do I backup my save game in the future manually so this doesn't happen again? I didn't check off delete save games but it's just not there. Lesson learned not to trust the interface into doing what I think it's not going to do. Anyway, if you folks could just tell me what I need to manually back up I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Thank you! The Spawns and Claims mod feels like of cheaty when it comes to the spawns. I can walk up to deer and they don't run away. Same with every other animal. Kind of sucks. Hopefully that AI issue will be sorted out because animals are far and few between in the regular version. By the way, what does max spawns mean? Is the max # of animals or zombies on the screen at any given time? If I set it as zero, I'll never see a zombie? Thanks!
  5. Uninstalling and deleting all the folders above solves this problem. Hopefully this will help someone.
  6. Fresh install of the game. Happens right after world is generated and it pops up in a console window. Can't close the window because the above error keeps opening the console up. Have to manually end task on the game. Now I'm going to uninstall the game from Steam, delete every instance of "The Fun Pimps" and "7 Day to Die" from my computer and see if that fixes the problem. Wish I didn't have to do that for troubleshooting, since the game is 5.63 gb and it's going to take a while to download.
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