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  1. Yep. do the needful and one of the support guys here will be happy to help you out. i would guess the issue is not shutting down correctly
  2. it appears to be using the physical cores and not the fake hyperthreaded cores. which is pretty typical for a lot of earlier chipsets. especially if they are amd.
  3. It helps if you start with using your brain and tools readily available to you. 1. Open a web browser window. 2. In the address bar type in "google.com", and then hit enter 3. In the google search window type in "7 days to die find region file for location" 4. Read and research how it is you figure out what the region file is. 5. Go back to Google.com and this time you want to search "7 days to die where are region files?" 6. Read and research to see where the files are stored. 7. Use the information you've collected to delete the file. 8. Profit.
  4. I'm trying to figure out why you need the game to tell you every little thing. Are you not capable of learning from experience?
  5. The base game has the sort buttons yes. It has never had the locking button though. The original feature you're asking about to lock a number of slots has not been enabled in vanilla.
  6. This gets me wrecked more often than anything. They run off, I continue doing what I was doing and forget they come back.
  7. Yeah, SylenThunder already covered that like three posts ago. You might consider having a good read before posting. I know you get forgetful when you get old, but this is just silly.
  8. What would make you assume that stealth would ever be 100%? It's not like you're putting on the cloak of invisibility.
  9. This makes sense. You should probably post this in the Pimp Dreams section where people share ideas of things they want to see in the game.
  10. For me it's been a mixed bag. Sometimes the terrain is fine and relatively smooth, and sometimes it's a serious WTF moment.
  11. I would love to grab one, but I haven't really seen any games for the next generation of consoles that really pop out and make me want one. For all the hype on the hardware, that's really the only thing that would push me to get one. Usually what pushes me to get one is some exceptional new game, and this time there just isn't anything that stands out.
  12. Console can't have the new updates. This is explained in great detail in several threads here already
  13. Maybe error in file so server tries to correct by over-writing file. If you set file to read only then server cannot write and things are broken.
  14. Look, it's another console player that doesn't know how to read. This has been covered to a great extent already in numerous threads below yours.
  15. I can see the top banner, but there is no background. It's just black.
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