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  1. 21 hours ago, SnowDog1942 said:

    Pretty sure its their new way of releasing info, dev streams.  Oh well.


    We are all playing. It is normal when a stable alpha comes out where everything goes quite well. And above all that we came from various patches without rest. Now to play many days without losing what has been achieved: D

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    Good afternoon nights.

    Hey, I was one of those who always answers "when it's done" or "when it's ready" but I'm looking forward to renting an sv in FNX and well, I wanted to know if a stable 19.4 is coming, EVEN IF IT IS AN APPROACH, I'm not asking for precision. Greetings to all and thanks MM and Faatal for all the patches and fixes 🙂

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  3. 26 minutes ago, wolfbain5 said:

    has nothing to do with it. wood isnt "mining" either and we can bundle it. the fact that they are resources obtained with the mining skill is the point. the amount you gain is increased with mining skills, using mining tools. and the reason the others were allowed to be bundled is because you get so much and it is for storage reasons. this also applies to sand and clay as much as it does the others. usefulness not withstanding


    I agree with the stranger. Clay and sand must be able to group my thinking. Although I still haven't read the devs his stance. I would appreciate if at least the clay can be grouped. Since if you build on land, it will be an incredible abundance in chests / inventory

    4 hours ago, Reset said:

    Vehicles feel a bit slow to me.  Is there any chance that they will get a change in alpha 19?(except the bicycle, the speed for that is fine)


    In my opinion, the speeds are perfect. If you want to get there faster, I recommend the Gyro. Although you must practice a lot to know how to handle it. Anyway, you will get anywhere in seconds (stopping every so often to refuel) At least I play an 8k map and go through all the traders from 06am to 18pm ingame. Ah, it will be something like 8/9 traders playing 60min. Although I recognize if you stay reading and selling in the traders, my account will not give you

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