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  1. We are all playing. It is normal when a stable alpha comes out where everything goes quite well. And above all that we came from various patches without rest. Now to play many days without losing what has been achieved: D
  2. Good afternoon nights. Hey, I was one of those who always answers "when it's done" or "when it's ready" but I'm looking forward to renting an sv in FNX and well, I wanted to know if a stable 19.4 is coming, EVEN IF IT IS AN APPROACH, I'm not asking for precision. Greetings to all and thanks MM and Faatal for all the patches and fixes 🙂
  3. I agree with the stranger. Clay and sand must be able to group my thinking. Although I still haven't read the devs his stance. I would appreciate if at least the clay can be grouped. Since if you build on land, it will be an incredible abundance in chests / inventory In my opinion, the speeds are perfect. If you want to get there faster, I recommend the Gyro. Although you must practice a lot to know how to handle it. Anyway, you will get anywhere in seconds (stopping every so often to refuel) At least I play an 8k map and go through all the traders from 06am to 18pm ingame. Ah, it
  4. I think this is a work motive for a modder. Mod creator. I'm not saying it wouldn't be great, but I really don't see it. The developers have already made it clear that they are focused on making everything that is, works. And try to get to the gold. New things will arrive, but not from that dimension. (I saved you an answer, MM? Haha)
  5. You will not be the reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi? You have 10,000 hours on the internet to know how to detect spammers. If you want to help you say "Look at the minute" x "this boy solves your problem" Do you have your suit to go to court today? You are too correct.
  6. Sorry if I was rude to some. But so much internet, so many social networks have managed to transform me into a devil when someone deceives me with their title or sells me something "secretly" :S
  7. I'm not spending an hour of my life on a spammer. Put the minutes where the treasure is or else I will think that you want to sell me your video. Get out of here !!
  8. Hello Goodnight! You may not be interested but I'll tell you: Day 158 for me, I found it in a file cabinet of those that sometimes are open and sometimes not. (Days 60 min / loot 50%) Until now I had only found a lvl 1 steel shovel and a lvl 3 steel pick. Having registered 3 crack a book of the greats and several of the crack a book boys (giant map) xD It's exactly what I do and it works perfect. That's why I laughed at the one that said above "Gyrocopter is sh*t" haha
  9. Yes I get it. Only what I answered, is the answer why your level 2 is worse than 1. They are random specifications so that you never stop looking for something better, it is a way to encourage you not to stay with what you can manufacture. From that branch came down what we can only craft up to a maximum level 5 and 6 you must find it. We say again about "Get out, loot, don't keep digging in the bottom" Apart from the satisfaction of finding better statistics and higher levels, more applicable mods. And yes, it was implemented in alpha 18 with weapons and tools. I will not answer more b
  10. This was already discussed in the previous alpha when it was applied. It will not be modified just because you do not want to look a little more to find a better key than the two you already have. If you really rely on that. Otherwise, if you have a lot of repair kits, you can keep the lvl 1 one, if not opt for the lvl 2 one which will last a little longer. -Cheers and I hope I didn't sound rude
  11. Today playing, I thought the same. In a new POI of shotun messiah I took 12 units of amount of military, it seemed a lot to me having my loot at 50. The funny thing about all this, since we have military armor, I always opted for it, it seems the best to me. This alpha I said "Let's go for the steel, of course we do" I could barely make a breastplate. I can't find any steel parts! Hahaha I think you noticed it the way I did. I think they increased the damage of those Z bears. Hahaha. They hit interestingly hard: B And his yellow eyes, at night, it is very scary
  12. Hello friend, I am on a SV MP playing with: * Difficulty: insane Exp multiplier 50% * No supply * You die and everything falls * Loot 50% And believe me, nothing is achieved if you do not do it or risk your life for it. Not to mention that it is MP and when you return home it is possible that you have been robbed. Day 105, lvl 32, approx 2000z dead. I never used stealth. They are styles of games, I never used it and I think it is not necessary yet. Maybe later with the arrival of bandits I will close my mouth, as MM said. haha
  13. Here at ARG the Simpsons taught us that Americans turn off their lights that way. So I believe you! haha
  14. It's what I love the most about this alpha and the previous one. The game is no longer easy. At least for those of us who hate dying. (Always playing in demented or 1 previous tier in MP) And the new POIs give me that feeling of Will it be my last day of life? You never know where they can come from. Sorry, I'm in fan mode. Loving A19 stable
  15. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but if you play this game a lot you will realize that I am right. The pois and the position of the z in them are not 100% optimized for stealth. A feral z will always appear out of nowhere silently, stun you and your sleeping bag. - Out your stealth, out your exp, out your "loot". Sorry friend, stealth is useless-. Regards I don't use ammunition. I only wear it for wolves / bears. My deck and I salute you. You must know where to step and when to hit. I only advise to wait for the z to settle after its first fall. Your stamina will not be a problem if you
  16. My point too. I don't understand how players can spend points on Stealth? The worst thing is that if you want to make a tier 5 with "stealth" you will be literally 24 hours real. Let's not even mention that on horde night it is useless and guess what, the game is about surviving the hordes haha Here's a bit of hate: I always thought people use stealth because they are new to the game JA
  17. Hi! What resolution do you play in? Another question, do you, every time you make changes to the graphics, be it up or down the quality, exit the game and open it again? This was once named MM I think by alpha 18
  18. It is very important that you clarify with what resolution you are playing. Fataal and MM always ask them to put the resolution. That helps a lot more than any pc component
  19. Present here those of us who went to alpha 18.4 for checking the line of "exit all beta programs" haha It may happen, I'm still very happy for stable. NOBODY WILL CHANGE THAT IN ME xD
  21. Finally a topic that I can comment on. 7DTD is PvE. My opinion that nobody is offended. And to get the most out of the fun, please play in MP with friends and people you don't know but always PvE. It is a spectacular experience. SP, sorry. I always found it boring to be alone in the world against zombies (: p/d: In addition, when you go to work in real life, you are thinking about what your friends may be doing at your base, or if when you re-enter the server, it will be horde night soon. Fiuf gives me goose bumps just thinking that night has come and I'm not ready (:
  22. Moderators or ADmis start silencing or banning people. It is becoming a toxic snowball that grows with each answer. It is just a tip. I want the discussions of the stone shovel to come back (I was laughing at this haha) or when they added mods for the vehicles Gracias / Thanks
  23. I find some coincidence here. For a Latin American like me, the United States comes first with firearms, then the rest. At least that's how we see them from here haha
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