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  1. Roland your words are reassuring. But for me the correct design is and will be spoilage in the game. There are hundreds of hours invested in developing different types of food, mechanics such as hunting or agriculture. It doesn't make sense that food doesn't play a bigger role in the survival aspect of the game. Spoilage is the simplest and most effective feature to avoid swimming in food. Adding other mechanics that give importance to food are always welcome. Too many changes to try to make the food useful. But in my opinion, without spoilage it is and will be a bad design. Sorry for my bad English.
  2. I have this bug with "action skills":
  3. I wait patiently after having to take a couple of anxiolytics
  4. Mideval

    Ravenhearst Mod

    This mod is not compatible with alpha 17.3 or 17.4. Make sure you install the mod from alpha 17.2. If you install the mod from these versions will give you that error.
  5. I'm a fan of Ultima Online and Skyrim and I loved LBD. This is not UO or Skyrim here you can not use afk macros freely. But on the other hand, I understood Madmole's criticism of some LBD skills that did not make sense. But combat skills and other skills worked very well with LBD. I think the hybrid system would have been the best solution, but I respect the decision of the developers. It is a field open to modders and I do not understand why a modder that can "easily" modify the game can complain about it. In any case, you should complain if the systems to do so provided by TFP do not work properly.
  6. Mideval

    Ravenhearst Mod

    I'm also waiting to see if they update soon to version 17.4 of 7DTD. Right now the difference in performance between 17.2 and 17.4 is great and the Ravenhearst is very demanding and I can hardly play it right now. This is my favorite mod. Thanks for your work guys.
  7. Maybe. I am not very fond of resources on the surface. Fun Pimps made many efforts to create a voxel world so that we could dig and create large underground mines. They should take advantage of it more. Although with this we return to the eternal debate that subterranean threats are missing so that the players are not 100% safe underground.
  8. I remember in A16 I do not know if it was because of Vanilla or the mod that I played but the subject of the biomes seemed a very intelligent design. Each Biome had large quantities of a fundamental resource, in the snow you found nitrate, in the prairies you found lead, in the forest you found iron, in the burnt forest you found coal and in addition to the fertilizer, in the desert you found oil. In any case, you needed a biome to supply a need. The variety of biomes made it more difficult to find the biome you were looking for at that time and enriched the search. For me, the importance of the biome variety was never a visual question. It was a strategic question of resource management, and it would not have to be only of mineral resources.
  9. First the promised equilibria will come and then we will return to the spoilage debate. It seems that they are beginning to make good decisions. I will be happy with a 16k map for a group of 4 players that we are. As already mentioned, some mountains, large lakes and cliffs will make the map look much bigger. Gas is another resource that could be scarce and vital to collect. I hope that recovering infections and diseases is a priority for a18. Thanks Madmole for the time you dedicate to the fans, keep it up.
  10. I do not see why food has to be so important at the beginning of the game and something you can forget a few days later. At the beginning of the game there may be abundant hunting but the zombies are supposed to be eating the animals and should start to become scarce. The same goes for the nests could be plentiful at first to help the player and then go scarce for not having an easy resource. This would force you to migrate to agriculture. Which would be nice to have to protect and that will be spoiled if you do not collect it on time. The system of global precipitation could play a factor of unpredictability that would cause crops from all over the world to be spoiled by certain conditions. This would force the players to look for the scant hunt, pawn a kidney to a merchant or survive with the few cans of food. All this with the optional spoilage would make players who already like the game like this would continue the same for them. I do not pretend that food is something extremely complicated to collect, I just want it to be something that you can never neglect and that always has a value.
  11. Not everything can be done easily through mods. You have not wondered if so many players want the spoilage, because there is no mod in any alpha that addresses this question? If the developers do not give them the right tools the modders have their hands tied.
  12. 300 days was a way of speaking, I would be happy with those first 20 hours of excellence that Madmole promised. Doing a couple of functions, one to add timers to the objects and another to decide what to do when the timer reaches 0 (destruction of the object or change it by another) fans could through the xml implement the spoilage in the game and not just for food. If finally they add block tags so we can make the animals or zombies attack the crops with that would be happy but by itself the measure is insufficient.
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