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  1. so much this. I absolutely HATE those sounds and it pisses me off to no end that I cant mute them. it makes the game feel like one of those cheesy B rated horror movies that sat on the shelf at blockbuster that never got rented
  2. I was looking into some of the options to use bots or telnet to issue commands to the game and tie that into twitch chat so viewers can trigger events in game one feature I would like to see is for the viewers to be able to start a blood moon. the idea is that I would turn off blood moons an let the viewers decide when the happen by sending a small donation or tip. this would help generate revenue and give the viewers an opportunity to interact with the game. I'm sure there are more commands that could be added to enhance this and maybe if you got some spare time you could also build a twitch extension to make linking them easier.
  3. the wandering horde thin could work but I would really like it to work with the blood moon with no warning until the horde is about to start.
  4. is there a command to trigger a blood moon? I would like to turn off blood moon and make it so that stream viewers could trigger them
  5. sitting in my base and the heat has been 18 % for a very long time even with nothing running how lone does it take to start going down?
  6. any chance there will be underground poi's ? im not talking about caves or bunkers accessible from the surface. Im talking about ones that are completely closed off with no indication on the surface. ones that we would need to stumble across while mining. would be cool to be digging along and BAM you crack open a cave or burial chamber full of undead.
  7. it seems like the iron ore is always close to the surface and only the biom specific ore near bedrock
  8. lol thats true there is no such thing as a silencer. there is however a sound suppressor. it reduces the noise ...... a bit lol
  9. you are doing it wrong yes I know sand has the si of wet toilet paper but you dont just start digging into it start by digging down to bedrock out to sand up to stone that means while you are at bedrock dig straight out till you see sand then dig straight up through the sand till you reach stone. the stone has a greater SI once you hit stone dig out the sand in all directions till you find more stone if you see more sand above you dig up till stone again in short get to the top of the sand column and then dig it out 1 layer at a time always keeping stone above your head and not sand not only does this stop the cave in but also stops wasteing the ore that falls with the cavein the sand basically forms a cave and you hollow it out from the top of the cave down I just cleared a whole sand column along with all the lead ore without a single cavein just remember sand above your head, you're soon dead
  10. is there a list of weapon and tool mods somewhere?
  11. yo there is a raft in the dev blocks in creative mode
  12. the real question is "will they actually fall down after you completely remove the first floor?"
  13. I uninstalled and reinstalled b199 and I swear it was over 2 gig just did an un/re install and this time its 1.4 wtf? nevermind steam is messing with me
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