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  1. never mind seems you cant edit the volume of sounds through the xml that setting only changes the volume that the zeds hear not what comes out of the speakers damn I need to lower that volume
  2. can someone tell me why this doesnt work im not getting any errors but it is not lowering the volume of the chainsaw <configs> <set xpath="/Sounds/SoundDataNode[@name='chainsaw_fire_start']/Noise/@volume">3</set> <set xpath="/Sounds/SoundDataNode[@name='chainsaw_fire_rev']/Noise/@volume">3</set> </configs>
  3. ok but could you tell me how to do that like I have no clue what Im doing LOL where do I put that what file name and how do I apply it to all items with that line
  4. ok Im reading it but I just dont get it can someone show me a way to add an xpath mod that will change this line in items.xml <!-- jar from cooking food <property name="Create_item" value="drinkJarEmpty"/> --> to this <property name="Create_item" value="drinkJarEmpty"/>
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