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  1. can the arrow mod be downloaded only server side because my players do see them sticking
  2. are Perlin worm caves going to make a return? I miss them so much.
  3. This is Sweet man! Nice Work
  4. Long time Lurker Id like to add my 2 cents to the train idea that was mentioned several posts back. me and a lot of folk have been really hoping that gets added to the game. I think it would be really cool and i have so many ideas for it as well. Like say have a make shift train with two cars attached, one could be used for storage and another to store like say your mini bike or the 4x4. ive seen people say why have it when you can go anywhere with the 4x4? Well what if we can lay track and have switches and what not for that and we could make an entire network to traverse all over the map. i just see endless possibilities to adding train to the game.
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