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  1. So it desided. We need VSS and PSS ingame!
  2. Because they are better looking. Joking. (Not joking).
  3. In general? So not only in AI? Sounds good... Question about recipe books: they're gone for good and replaced with perks completely? Or is there anything planned to be done further about that?
  4. This is what called "patches". Anyway, I am done with A17 for now. Will wait and see what will appear in stable and further versions, but... But for now A16.4 is more enjoyable for me than this linear grindfest.
  5. Honestly, that combined with halved or even triple lower block damage would be perfect horde for me. Not current eight or dozen dudes breaking hardened concrete with bare fists (which is dumb), but few dozens of weaker zeds getting trough by mirriads of small bites. With current "muh dissapearing bodies" this can be implemented with lesser optimization problems.
  6. @faatah I will dare to ask again: are screamers still seeing trough closed doors? I focked up mentioned A16.4 game on other PC due to one screaming at me at night and called horde taking out my place along with one of two forges (the one that already had crucible) and my main loot chest. Instant ragequit dammit.
  7. They have perfectly sane system before in A16.4. When you go below 40, your block damage will slowly start to degrade, and hits near 0 will be much weaker but will still go trough. I liked it much more along with constant stamina regeneration instead of current "X pet tick".
  8. And this is where this "Buy a perk!" mentality i mentioned before strikes again...
  9. Augler and pickaxe?.. Yeah, had fresh 16.4 play on other PC during week. Was pretty usual: couple of forges at Day 2, workbench at Day 3, death from night Screamer seeing me trough door during 3-4 night, horde on bedrock level on day 7... And then my progress tanked cuz few fancy houses I have around my house and those I was expecting to destroy to flatten out earth appeared to have concrete/brick foundation... With early Iron pickaxe that would take a while, so I started digging. BTW, faatah, I didn't noticed it yet in A17: was zombies seeing trough doors was fixed?
  10. If bigger one was black, then it's relatively old one.
  11. Only some of them and only by my opinion. And most, if not all of them, have roots in same place it seems. Perk system. It's not bad by itself (despite lacking learning by doing which I liked), but it's just TOO overwhelming now. Farming was somewhat hard and required time and patience to multiply crops and fertilize ground. Now? Buy a perk! Stamina usage was harder and leveling it required time and carefulness with properly raising wellness. Now? Buy a perk! Making more damage with guns was a complex problem of leveling skills, crafting/finding better items and recrafting them to even better
  12. Hm. That I can see and agree. At least some answers, thanks. Anyway, even not considering E it's sad that it was watered down so badly.
  13. I like change when it's adequate and common sense driven. I lack to see any of this in most of changes in A17 which replaced any effort by "perk it!".
  14. I quess he never liked to press E to harvest, to search/craft fertilizer and to search and dig clay too?
  15. Any info why I still can't see other posters pics? It says I don't have permission.
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