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  1. Hi great mod, but i do have a couple of questions: made the chicken coop and have gotten a mature chicken, is it just for butchering? because nothing really seems to happen in its pen, i thought it might make a bird nest or something. how about the other animals i have a lot of pigs but i have not gotten them breed yet, are they just for looks and to butcher? we have played almost 50 hours in the game and are far from done, which is awesome, but we have not seen any cows or bulls, are they in a specific biome? do you get milk from cows the same way as in starvation, with a bucket? it is probably intentional but we a finding very few chickens in the deserts, very few scorpions(seen 3) very few crocodiles (seen 2)and very few stags, but pigs are almost everywhere. we do not understand the fossil surveyer thing, tried putting it out but did not get any marks on the map, so what are we missing. please keep up the good work and forgive us our stupid questions ;-)
  2. ok then we will just play without the server for the time being, the one book we could live with(we are just 2 players.) but the zombies got trough the fence at the traders in 2 places when i finished my beginner quest, so think it will be a lot more difficult to make sure the traders stay put. we do not mind playing on pc server, just keep up the good work we still think this mod is awesome ;-)
  3. so i have been working on get in mod into my server, played one time normally, but i always have a 7d2d server running, so stupid not to use it when i am paying for it:-) i have a server with spillvert.no and yes its in Norway, the reason for choosing this server provider, is lesser ping when living in Norway. i have wiped the server twice one time installing the mod my self and the second time i got the nice folks working at spillvert to do it for me, the thing is something still seems wrong. we only start with one book, is this part of the new update? second and more worrying is that the traders do not seem to have any guards, the captain is there but no other guards. have we installed the mod wrong or are these things part of the last update? tried starting a singleplayer game, got 2 books and there was guards at the trader. are we missing the updates? the mod is downloaded from the front page here. if it is because we are missing the updates and we only can do it from GitHub, then how do i get them on to the server?
  4. Hi so i decided to try some of the new awesome things in the mod, like elevator and electric automated doors/drawbridges. The elevator worked very well, but i just can not get the doors to work, i do not find a spot on the doors to attach electricity, i have tried putting the control block both normal and in concrete alle around the doors without any luck(connected to a turned an generator ofcourse), and i have tried putting a motionsensor between the generator and the control block without any luck. maybe i have just totally misunderstod this feature or are not thinking about some logic solution :-), but without any descriptions on the items i have to ask you, have do they work?
  5. we spent 70 hours in game and was around level 100 before we found our first welding torch. we found it in the retirement village. in retrospect i think spending more time in wasteland and locating trader Caitlin might have been a better strategy or night looting. we spent one night where one of us used the auger on ressorces and the other one shooting and the loot was absolutely amazing, i got that rare shotgun with 300 in damage and omg it is amazing. with all of this being said the fact that our progress was reset to 0 in scavenging around level 35 might have delayed our possibility of finding the welding torch.
  6. hi My husband and i love your mod, we especially enjoys all the new weapons and the classes, the garden bit not so much we are hoping for a watering system in the future :-) but we have reach level 200 without feeling done at all. we would really like to put the max level up to level 300 ,but we can not figure out how. I have tried changing it in the progression file to 300, but every time i log in with the mod launcher it resets to 200. i understand this is not your vision with the mod but hope you or somebody else might help us anyway :-) thank you so much for your hard work, please keep it up;-)
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