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  1. Just a quick question - does this work with alpha 19 stable? Thank you for such a great tool!
  2. So I have a quick question - I have an old map I generated with alpha 18. Now in alpha 19 i wiped the map data but kept the actual map file when I updated to alpha 19 on the server. However, I'm getting the "no trader" bug. Is there any fix for this using nitrogen? Can we not use nitrogen for A19 stable until its updated? Or how do I go about fixing the "no trader" thing? I am really hoping I can keep the map I generated, but its not a huge issue if I have to generate a new one. Does the latest version of nitrogen work with A19 stable is really the most important
  3. server will be updated to A19 when the official patch releases, as some have continued asking about this via discord etc.... yes map and player data will be wiped then as well - fresh start!
  4. Greetings! GAMERSFORGE 7DTD server is back up for US/EU players.16CPU, 64GB RAM, hosted in NY datacenter. We're a great gaming community welcoming mature players. Our 7DTD servers are PvPvE where we make it challenging and encourage players to team up, but leave it to you to decide.Using CPM we have combat zones in all big cities/towns; your bases are invulnerable while you are logged off; no griefing; 200% loot and xp; a few custom items; economy/vote rewards; and more! forum: http://www.gamersforge.com discord: E2nheE server address: 7dtdny.gamersforge.com:26900 server map: 7dtdny
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