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  1. What about boss zombies that appear at the end of the horde night? Only available to those choosing to deal with blood moon hordes defending their base.. and as for their loot, I honestly have no idea what could be considered balanced. Legendary items, a percentage of resources spent to successfully defend, or even Roland's idea to halt heat generation for a couple of days are some things that come to mind. I don't know how that sounds, it's just brainstorming.
  2. True, was mostly thinking about the already existing turrets and somehow lumped the new gun in the same category. Nevertheless, I think that having more than one available at a time opens up an exciting new gameplay option - place one gun down and keep one on yourself, best case scenario your damage output doubles. That in itself makes a lot of difference in single player games.
  3. Will the new inteligence turrets be stackable in the inventory? I mean, not a big stack size so you can build a panic room in the open without sacrificing iinventory slots, but I think a stack of 2 or 3 per slot would make sense.
  4. It doesn't actually, can't see why someone would go through a bunch of possible ammo resources to advertise his position to Zs. With the introduction of white river settlements and bandits you could learn of new trader locations that way (be it another ally in the white river side, or a raid target should you choose to side with the bandits). If that is the end goal, then whatever placeholder system we get instead shouldn't matter. Supposing I'm way off the mark with what's said before, I do think that there is a need to learn of new trader locations other than simply stumbling across them while exploring - be it advertising or a light beacon along with a flag.
  5. Are there any plans for armor to lower the chnce of bleeding? I need to use a bandage every other hit I recieve regardless the fact that I use miltary/steel armor.
  6. Not unless it's in a voting format at the top of the page
  7. Except, 25% loot right now is bugged and gives you no loot. I get more feathers from destroying a nest than looting it
  8. My friend and I found 3 of those chilling near some tents and we thought it was a bug or something - they didn't move no matter how close we got to them while fighting nearby zombies. Since it was the first time we encountered such a beast, we decided to do the sensible thing and engaged them. After a long session of running, kiting and shooting (we unloaded about 40 shotgun shells and twice as much 9mm bullets on them) we managed to down them. One of those can net you 109 pieces of meat with Huntsman lvl2. I can't recall how much leather I got from them.
  9. Question/suggestion Can Charging Bull check your equipped armor type? If so, would it be possible to give bonuses according to the type you are wearing at that time? What I was thinking was light armor granting you a chance to crarge at a horde and get a percentage bonus of ignoring incoming hits, while heavy armor getting a chance to score a knockdown on impact.
  10. Didn't check in for 2 days and 2 videos have been uploaded, talk about my luck.. Anyways, it was mentioned that it could be viable to fight zombies unarmed in one of the videos, but do you need to keep an empty slot on your toolbelt to be able to do that, or is something else planned?
  11. Aloha New guy here, so a big thanks to the people that created 7D2D - 444 hours spend already and counting. And with that out of the way, here are my 2 cents on the situation. These past few days, it's become a routine to visit these forums in anticipation to the release of A17. It's like mandatory military service all over again. When you start, you know that it'll eventually end but you are too occupied with what's in frond of you to bother about it - you just have to go through it. The closer the date to you getting it over with comes, you get to spend more attention to the time going by that it seems longer. Yet you know for a fact that that moment will arrive. The advice that was given to us was to try and stop thinking about it. It's so simple and yet so hard, but it works. So is A17, it will eventually be released. Now, I don't know how the Fun Pimps do things since I joined sometime in A16.4, but I hope that the content will take priority over a faster release. As an example I give you KOTOR 2 and TSL:Restored Content Mod. p.s. English is not my native language (I'm Greek btw) so if something feels off, it is probably my fault
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