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  1. Many items in the world can be picked up without land claim block. Including all manner of containers.
  2. Hi - sorry if I'm missing something obvious but I don't see anything in release notes. It seems like the Small Cardboard Box recipe has disappeared. I can't get a result typing it in search and showing recipes for cardboard doesn't show the recipe. I have some that I built on my days-old save so it seems like something changed only recently or I just forgot something I need to do. What am I missing? Thanks nm- was the wrong time of day to look up two posts.
  3. OK, I swear I saw games4kickz somehow manage it (he was also in cheat mode) and couldn't find a single mention one way or another. I don't expect mods to work the same at all as RH at all. After all, I'm not already hiding in an attic weeping, with basically every debuff! That's just another old school mod and one that Jax changed from 16.4. Change is good, it's why I have like 4300 @#%!ing hours logged on this game. I just wish there was something that made it clear like a journal entry at some point, but then again I'm reading all the time people not knowing how to pick up st
  4. OK, I can't believe I have to ask this but there is simply no information on Google. Can you pick a station back up? In the opening quest, are the carpenter's tables just permanently in the initial spot and you have to build another one from scratch if you want to use one? I'm used to Ravenhearst's personal workbench where you destroy to return to your inventory, but these just break into pieces. It would be awesome if there were any mention anywhere in the game, journal or item description, one way or the other. Thanks
  5. Coincidence, I was about to make a note about the same thing. The prices on everything are clearly just stubbed in rather than thought out. If you have thought-out prices I'd love the xml if you're willing. The best value on the menu is 1 leek + 1 potato + 1 water, 1 step in the microwave, 25 tokens. Everything else, including like chocolate pumpkin pie which involves making dough and chocolate and has a PERK associated, is 12. And the stamina and health are just jacked in many places. Let me know if you're willing to share. It's been a real disappointment because I'm excited about th
  6. Hey, you screwed up the prereqs for Eco and HD 4x4. They're both also just regular chassis and accessories. I changed them to steel and tungston respectively in recipes.xml and everything works great. You might want to open a bug on that.
  7. Is there a way to craft sugar that I'm missing? Also, do you have to be a medic to get purifying tablets? Thanks
  8. Trade you for a tenderizer. I've seen 5 ink pens in my game time, 2 in just this current game, but never a tenderizer. And I want to bake! My Wellness is only as high as 75 because I spent 30 points on Health Nut levels. And Ravenhearst seems STINGY about Wellness boosts from even the best food and drink.
  9. Oh, ok. That is a crappy bug-looking failure ding, maybe it should show a nailgun or a wrench, or a crossed-out hammer. Thanks for saving me 10 points!
  10. Ended up picking it up early. Question though: when I try to upgrade traps and (...something else...) to steel, I get a ding that I don't have steel. This is whether I'm holding 80 or 350. Is that what the Steel Smithing "Steel Plating" perk gives, or is it a bug? It's not quite clear.
  11. Finding the one trader was nuts. That generated map is huge! The amount of rewarding game time possible in each generated map is crazy, especially with all the extra Ravenhearst POI. I was running with Athletics 80 and Road Runner for 48 game hours without backtracking and only a little overlapping, and saw the outside of a LOT of cool buildings. I found about a dozen towns, but only one city, per the description above with the asphalt vs concrete. I have to figure out town relocation at this later stage in the game (class level 66, which is about as high as I've gotten before getting
  12. OK, I found a single trader in a single city after 48hrs of straight road running (thanks grain alcohol I found stashed in a car for helping with that case of dysentery - I didn't gear up because it was a suicide mission since I never thought I'd last the night). 7.5km as the crow flies, with a giant lake between home and it. But I give it a shot anyway, 9km of running filled with the priciest loot hoping for the best in my newly-pumped Secret Stash. An even sorer wrist later, I reach the trader. However, there is a bear sitting outside with a group of zombies fighting it, and despite tryi
  13. So...the 4.3 default RWGmixer claims to be an "improved" balance, and I WANT traders to have a chance in small cities. And in big cities and off on their own. What I got is nothing, nowhere. Did I just had extraordinarily bad luck here or is this normal bad luck? I invest a lot of time into this game and hate to see it wasted. Moving characters/worlds and hacking xml are big ruiners of verisimilitude.
  14. Name is "rh 4.3 ran 00" if that matters.
  15. OK, I've been having a BLAST with 4.3 after I got over how infuriating it was. However, as I explored and climbed levels, I didn't find any traders at all, in a half dozen cities and down every path. Now at skill level 65, with 7 cardboard boxes stuffed with trade goods, I finally tried the map explorer tool. ...and, there are none, at all, anywhere. I don't mind starting over - obviously I was doing so well I didn't even need traders - but is this something that's going to happen again? Traders add flavor and make early game easier and obscure station tools easier to find. Am I just m
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