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  1. I am just torn. On the one hand, I can't keep my hands off the game. The game (meanwhile) looks really nice. The world has a great, intense and immersive atmosphere that is totally attractive and exciting. I really enjoy the basic game mechanics. The setting is great. This oppressive feeling of being in a world of ghost towns and the thrill of exploring POIs because a zombie can come out of every corner are very exciting. In general, this game is an extremely well done base that attracts me almost magically. On the other hand, I get disillusioned every time after a day or two because my mo
  2. I am only working on management software development, but I know very well how the development of extensions to our software can take a long time. Again and again you come across problems that you could not have guessed before and in the end it is solved differently than previously thought. Sometimes you need a whole week for a small extension of the program, for which you have planned a day at the beginning :/ Of course, I put this list together in a few minutes. But I can also roughly imagine what a huge effort it would be to implement it. Mainly because developing a game is much more compl
  3. Basically, the developers see that too. They have already tried several times to fix the problem and to build in a certain structure. First it was the level gates in the skill system. I found this very frustrating. Fortunately, that was removed. And now it's loot's limitation. With the new loot system I have the problem that it feels like a waste of time to explore POIs because there is only junk there. Without the system I had the problem that I got too strong items too early and then no longer knew what to play for. But both should counteract this lack of
  4. A theoretical question: Would it be possible to implement my idea as a mod? I know that I would start but not finish such a project ... because my ADHD brain is stupid ... but it would be interesting to know.
  5. That's what I actually meant. I'm sorry if I've put it wrong (quite apart from the fact that I translate my texts with Google). I will try to rephrase my thoughts. Hopefully it will be easier to understand what I mean. In general I meant the approach: There is a fundamental problem and the aim is to solve this problem. For example, if you look at Subnautica and reduce the game to the essentials, you have the problem "You are stranded on an unknown planet" and the solution is "You have to escape from the planet". In that case it is expanded with a complete st
  6. In single player I am demotivated as soon as I have a small base and a food supply. In multiplayer with my wife, we both have the feeling from the start that we're just doing pointless things. That's the problem. The game simply needs the carrot that you can run after. A game end that you can work towards, but not have to, if you want to play like before, would be essential for 7dtd in my opinion. What the game currently offers has turned out really well. The atmosphere and the gameplay are really good! But somehow I have the feeling that someone had the idea "Let's com
  7. An idea I would find cool in 7dtd: Finding a cure that will immunize survivors and kill zombies. Since this cannot be done alone, the player has to build a base and find survivors who then have to be quartered in the base. Scientists, mechanics, engineers and so on. One has to ensure food and water supplies for the people of the base and provide defense. If you find survivors in POIs, you are put into a moral conflict as to whether you take them in, but also increase the food you need, or whether you leave them to their fate. Rejected survivors could even form a group that attacks
  8. I actually haven't played Subnautica more than once. I played through it and had an exciting, scary and immersive VR experience. I had a great time with the product and I am happy with it. Why is it always necessary for players to play a game multiple times? On the contrary: I think it's good to play through a game and then finish it. And if you have fun playing it through several times, you are welcome to do it. If you would like an endless game, you can simply ignore the goal of the game (see Factorio). With a game that you buy once and where there is no greedy subscription model or microtr
  9. This is also my problem in Minecraft, for example. The goal is to build things. Lots of useless things. I want every improvement to feel like progress - every better piece of equipment, every player level, every skill point, and every area explored to bring me closer to a goal. Why else should I build, level and explore? I also don't want it to end in an endless endgame. A clearly defined ultimate goal is the only thing that makes me not cancel a game after a short time. And it's just a shame that there's so much potential in the game that just feels useless.
  10. Hi, I have a question. What is the motivating factor behind this game? What are you working towards? What is the goal of the game - besides just "surviving"? I've played the game several times (almost 70 hours in total), but I stop every time because I don't see a big goal at the end. I have all the time the feeling that everything I do leads up nowhere. At Subnautica you have to flee the planet. You have to find your child at The Forest. You have to find your wife at Green Hell. What about 7 days to die? I like the game itself very much. It's fun to explore
  11. Can I somehow replace an XML file that turns off linear loot? And if so, where can I download this file? Or is there a mod, to do it? Edit: Okay, i found a Mod called "FAWK-LOOT-ALL" to do it. I will test it this evening.
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