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  1. A little late to the ball, but why would I need to mention you in my mod? If it's the guns mod you're talking about. If not then you can ignore this comment.
  2. So, that is not a "bug" currently. It's to do with the way the animation is set up and the way it's called in the XML file. The animations are setup as a bool state (meaning either true or false) and are called depending on the action of the player. the true state represents the mouse key being "active/pressed" while the false is the opposite, not active/pressed. It needs to be the mouse key because it represents the players item action key in the xml files. So if you are holding the mouse button then the player action key doesn't change from true to false. For non auto weapons this means you
  3. This should be moved to discussion and request. I was looking through the xmls and it seems that the forge tools are set by item names and not a property or something else. So you can add in a new tool by adding it and changing the window size. But it doesn't look like you can have bellows be interchangeable by just xml coding.
  4. This is 100% correct on the first part. The second part is probably true, but it would be kinda weird to have a display setup this way since the damage and all that is calculated off of the weapon and ammo. The display only shows the values that are taken from the combination of the two. The tags are used to help calculate the stats for the given weapon. For instance the pistol stats at any level are given within a set range. The only way for that damage to increase is with the perk gunslinger. So The display looks at the perk to see what stats have been increased to determine w
  5. Added in no perk crafting. The localization of the perks hasn't been changed though, I might change it but haven't made the effort yet.
  6. @Reckis no worries, I did notice that I had the best luck funding the guns in the big gun safe or the large weapon bags.
  7. @Reckis no worries, I did notice that I had the best luck funding the guns in the big gun safe or the large weapon bags.
  8. @Reckis So i went through and tested the mod out in a new world and it works for me. If you're getting higher level pistols then you will also get my weapons at a higher level. But that doesn't mean when you are looting you will always get higher level. In my test world I got level 3 and 4 of my FN57 which is the only T1 weapon, the rest are T2 and T3, but I also found a couple level 1's. This isn't my code being setup wrong but rather the way TFP has the loot setup. Hope this helps.
  9. @Reckis okay, thanks. I have checked the code and should be any different then vanilla since I am adding my guns into the loot groups for the other similar guns. I will test it and see what I can find.
  10. Done, check my modlet post in the MODS sections.
  11. So, I am going through the buffs and pulling the code I need. Just to clarify, are you looking for the treated injury to go down or the just the injury? ** I finished a mod for changing broken arm, broken leg, lacerations, arm sprain, and leg sprain. But this only changes the injury itself and not the treated injury. Is that what you were looking for?
  12. Here is the code as a modlet. You can pull it and place it into your files if you want. I would also suggest going over the item names in game because the shotgun and duster names were incorrect. crate.zip
  13. Ok, down loaded your gun mod. It's sick man. Gun textures are the best I've seen so far. For goodness sake keep working on this!

    1. rickyralph


      Thank you, but the textures are not my own. They are free assets on unity. I imported them into unity, setup the animations, the hand and mod placement, and the xml files are my work. I do have some more in the works but they are still a work in progress.

    2. leatherwolf2000


      I would be more than willing to purchase a larger pack in the store if it helps. Let me know what I can do. I could also probably get my hands on good sound files if needed. Anyways, thanks for the work.

  14. I can make one by tonight if you don't find anything in the mods section. It will be in my modlet page.
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