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  1. While playing Alpha 18 alone (latest experimental), I experienced the weather happening dynamically. However, on the server I run, we have seen no weather at all. Does anyone have an answer as to why? Is there some XML setting I'm missing?
  2. Thanks TFP for all the hard work. I looked through the notes and saw dozens of issues I recognized that are now fixed. I look forward to booting up an A18 server next week.
  3. I agree. It is what separates 7 Days to Day from all other survival games. Frankly, I don't think it NEEDS more zombies. That's a different game at this point. Like Dying Light or some other.
  4. Good to know. Since I've never found a silencer in A17, I'll be happy to experience this first hand with the well-balanced A18.
  5. This would be amazing. Tough but amazing.
  6. So, can all of the pistols and the SMG use the silencer given their associated with the stealth build?
  7. 3's a beautiful number. Comes up an awful lot in game design. At least for testing.
  8. Sweet! I thought I was going to have to tweak a bunch of stuff for a head-shot only playthrough.
  9. I'm looking forward to the farming change as well. Asking the important questions, lol... ...but really. Is there?
  10. The way I understand heat is that it's an abstraction of general activity, sounds, smells, changes, in an area. Too much and a horde comes. Breadcrumbs sound like a more granular system that tracks moment-to-moment evidence of activity for a brief duration. This evidence could attract local attention at a smaller scale leading to the discovery of a player by nearby entities.
  11. And sounds like they work very well. I'm pretty excited to see the system in action.
  12. This right here. Seriously. People on our server, on multiple maps, have gone 10 to 20 hours without finding one. That's a pretty big deal when food is so important and can be a factor in a death loop, which leads to players disinfecting in the game. The new system is a good idea. For those who want their own version of realism, well thank TFP the game is modable. They could be like many, many other contemporary developers and not allow for mods. Edit: I should've kept reading, lol. Consider this an echo of similar posts.
  13. I should have finished my thought. It could look like a perk that once had, the player could craft a special part that when used provides a chance to "crit" when crafting an item. However, the Grandpa's elixir route makes more sense for 7 Days and has the same function. I wasn't exactly sure how "gamey" (not intended as a negative) your vision for crafting allowed. It sounds like an enjoyable addition for crafting while leaving room for the best stuff (like the legendaries) to be found only through looting.
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