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  1. Great mod n2n1. Btw is there a way to remove those strange boxes?
  2. Cant wait to check this mod out.Will it be compatible with Nitrogen?
  3. I am hosting game for 4 people with 6k nitrogen map. My specs are Ryzen 5 2600,16gb ram,ssd, rx 5700 xt
  4. Awesome mods. One question,can your vehicles affect game performance? My friends dont have very good pc's.
  5. Hey thank you for the info.Will try it myself,also will look at Romero mod. cheers
  6. Is there a mod similar to Classic Style Zombies for a19 ? Smart pathfinders zombies break immersion for me.
  7. Great mod. Btw does it work with REALITY CHECK modlets?
  8. It seems that download link is broken
  9. Does Classic Style Zombies mod affect zombie speed? Changing values in xml zombie move does very little change.
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