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  1. Ok, that is what I was thinking of trying, since it holds the folder name when you RWG a map.
  2. Having issues with joining different servers using Nitrogen created maps. Having to download map every time we join. Searching thru the saves local, looks like they are all trying to save to same Hashnamed folder... DE4B5E... also seeing the same number inside the main.ttw file. Just wondering if this is hardcoded or can be randomized to avoid this issue.
  3. A bit of gui modification I did to add % and numbers for stats. Thought I would share these for anyone interested in that sort of thing. This is from Data/Config/XUi/windows.xml <!-- QUEST DETAILS --> <window name="windowOut" anchor="LeftBottom" style="time.window" controller="CompassWindow"> <rect name="position" pos="0,63"> <texture style="time.window.compass.texture" name="compassTexture" rect_size="0.25,1" rect_offset=".8,0" /> <texture name="ItemBG2" depth="1" size="300,200" texture="[lefttop]" material="Materials/Transparent Colored" pos="-75,135" /
  4. Just wanted to pop in and thank you guys for a great Mod. Was nice meeting you in stream today TormentedEmu.
  5. Curious what we use spider eggs for. So far, I can only figure out they can be sold. If that's all they can be used for, can someone let me know. If there is a better use of them, don't tell me what it is, just that there is.
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