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  1. Hello 7DTD peeps, Inside the game when creating a world even under advanced you cannot make it larger than 8192. Is there a way around this? Can I modify a file somewhere to increase the size of a map such as the dedicated server tool? With thanks, Larger maps por favor!
  2. As the title says I am just wondering if anyone else misses zombie corpse loot?
  3. Forgive me if this has already been asked and I just havent seen it. Will all the paintable options be coming back as well as all the craftable items such as a working fridge, oven, the garage door that goes up and into the garage roof like a modern day garage door? Many of the other just creative/decorative blocks that have been vacant from A17.x?
  4. To Devs, (wasn't sure where else to post this) I am just wondering when we will get the more creative stuff back into the stable version. Such as the many paint options, off the top of my head I know the library isn't there unless I am just missing something to learn it. Also the refrigerator bot/top. Are these being kept out of the stable for a specific reason or will we just not see them in the stable version any more?
  5. Thank you Roland and Devs Hey Roland, I know you guys all work hard on this game and it truly does show. Thank you for bringing us amazing content in ALPHA rather than bum-rushing it to Beta or even skipping beta and going straight to Production (ARK, PUBG). You guys are making one of the best games I've ever played and you are one of the few development teams I've ever seen stick true to the heart of what an ALPHA purchase is truly supposed to be. You are bringing us extraordinary amounts of great content with each upgrade and making the games leagues and leagues better than it once was. I am sorry for all the people who are a bit too immature to understand how great your game making standards are compared to most other developers. Please keep on doing what you've been doing and maintain your high standards of game design, for me at-least it is incredibly appreciated. Thank you, Korrasis.
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