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  1. absolutely not. i am because he brings nothing to this thread. quoting an entire block, not responding or contributing to said block.
  2. we have it: https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-LuckyLooterBeGone/archive/LuckyLooterBeGone_A19.3_1.0a.zip
  3. wow i am impressed, such a good post. doesnt help this thread, but thanks for partecipating
  4. hi we want lucky-looter to be gone from our server. i did edit progression.xml, successfully for singleplayer. same file on server doesnt work though... can you help me? or do you have any suggestions on what i could try ? thanks and cheers EDIT: https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-LuckyLooterBeGone/archive/LuckyLooterBeGone_A19.3_1.0a.zip
  5. yes tell that the counter-strike-community. that is why im disgusted by it. and no, you do quickscopes in every game that has this "feature"; ironsights. yes it is, because you oneshot every zombie by doing it. the only downside is, you are then stuck in the ironsights and need to press RMB again. that is annoying and could be avoided by simply doing ironsights like every other game does. if you want it to be more realistic, then you need to rework ironsights, for it not to work like it does in cod; youd need some sort of minimum-time before you can shoot, after y
  6. quickscoping is disgusting, i know. infact im not for having ironsights in games... but since 7dtd has it, and since quickscoping works despite the odds, i will do it, to perform at the best possible rate. the annoying part is: once you quickscoped an enemy, you are somewhat locked into sights, and have then to RMB again to leave it, which feels buggy at best.
  7. yes we all see things happening. wp so i just delete all of these lines and it will be gone from the skill-UI ? thats some fantastic news if i do it server-side, will it be gone for the players as well ?
  8. oh so i have to play the game according to someone elses view... is that the freedome america provides me with ? : (
  9. please read the posts befor you respond; i want it to be gone from the interface.
  10. hi ! lucky-looter is big feelsbad for us. you feel somewhat forced to level it... can we remove entire perks from the skill-tree ? how would one do that ? EDIT: https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-LuckyLooterBeGone/archive/LuckyLooterBeGone_A19.3_1.0a.zip
  11. hi ! i feel like the aiming-feature is weird... you can hold-to-aim, yes, but only if you do so for longer time. quickscoping doesnt work because when only "ticking" the RMB, you TOGGLE into aim-mode !! that toggle is absolute-frust; i am NOT holding RMB, because i dont want to aim down sights ! is there any work-around for this ? maybe some config-files or whatever ? because i cannot find any ingame-option for that. and it is crucial ! who cares as long as you use melee-weapons... but once you have guns, and are obviously forced to quickscope, because from the hip, your
  12. dont take this lightly ! UI can always be improved !
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