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  1. Is this behaviour enforced? It makes sense that when lots of chunks are changing, the game struggles a little bit... so if this is (or can be) enforced, would that not reduce the low FPS dips/stutters?
  2. Also, must include throwing knives, bullhide bucklers and shoufas. And don't even get me started on killing Zs with Saidin lol
  3. Bows and crossbows are generally speaking weaker weapons than just about anything else in the game. They do less damage and fire a lost slower than any other ranged weapon - and use ammo just as any other weapon (although it's fairly easier to make). Splitting these would make them far less popular than what they already are at the moment. If anything, they need to not only stay under the same hat, but to be made to take advantage of more skills so they can get buffed up a bit.
  4. I normally get "Access Denied" when trying to set process affinity in windows task manager... even though I am the PC admin... any work around that? EDIT: Nevermind, I've got it. For the other people that are having this issue: 1. Right click on Taskbar. 2. Click on Task Manager. 3. Search for the process 7dtd.exe 4. Right click on it and click on Properties. 5. Click on Security tab and click on Edit. 6. Then give full permission to the Administrator. (Or your current user account)
  5. I'm not quite sure that's the case at 3440x1440 ... besides, my CPU activity usually resides in the 70% usage area with browsers, Discord and a few other apps open in the background (streaming in Discord as well)... while playing the game. The thing is, I get more than decent FPS during normal gameplay, but during horde nights with all the models and textures around the bases we build - especially during night, when light reflections factor in etc, frames very often dip down to below 60 which on a 144hz screen does not feel nice...
  6. @Roland @faatal Guys, are there any future plans to enable super sampling for the game? Either DLSS or FFX-SR (preferably DLSS lol) I know it is best to optimize as best as you can so that stuff like that is not needed at all, but I am struggling to display Ultra settings on anything above 1080p in high frame rate, and I happen to be running a 3080, so... super sampling maybe makes sense? πŸ˜‡ EDIT: OK, just to be clear - I'm not bragging about having a nice GPU, I'm asking a genuine question. Screen resolutions are ever increasing and DLSS is a very nice way to get around that, whilst at the same time keeping system requirements low - thus targeting a wider audience
  7. Do you know if there are any plans to do some work in that area? I play on a 34" Ultrawide and regardless of selected FOV value, objects near the left and right corners of the screen always appear MUCH closer than where they actually are..
  8. I will look into both of those - hopefully both work with A20 Cheers!
  9. @Swiftpaw @meganoth @dcsobral I realize now I may have been doing things the wrong way, nevertless... : I am talking about a dedicated tool - i.e. external application. Kind of like Nitrogen here on the forum. Upto now, I have always generated worlds using the serverconfig.xml on my linux dedicated server, which is very painful for the hardware - and only recently found Nitrogen ... unfortunately it is now a dead project. It had all the sliders you could wish for - and just exported the world without even launching the game. WIthout even having the game installed. And used A LOT less RAM to boot. Obviously the way the world is generated will be changing vastly now, so I was wondering if we can maybe have something of that kind built into the game... ☺️ EDIT: BTW, just saying - launching the game in windows, going to "Editing Tools" -> "Random Gen Previewr" lets me generate a map, but not use it... I mean I can see it in the World Editor, but I don't see any physical files with that name anywhere in the game directory.... it has always been like that for me - hence why I have not used it ever. As I said in the beginning - I may have not been doing some things the best way
  10. @madmole @Roland Guys, an important question regarding the random world generating: Is there going to be a tool for generating worlds? I play with buddies online and because we're not in the same timezone, I tend to leave a dedi server on my home rack - that way we can just join in at anytime, but the linux-based dedicated server has always felt a little weird to operate... ...so is there going to be a tool to use to generate a world which I can then just export and put the server to load it up? (or maybe a tool for the linux server that does not require a gazillion tetabytes of RAM to generate one πŸ˜€ ) Thanks!
  11. CAN'T. HARDLY. WAIT. ! Do you have any info on the release method? "latest_experimental" betas have been missing from Steam for some time now, do we know if this is going to stay the case for the A20 release cycle? Or is a Stable version getting released directly? Thanks!
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