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  1. As long as he stays the sexy, sweetheart that he currently is, I'm cool with a new voice.
  2. Microsoft has said they intend to at least honor current promises. They also said at a different time that all future exclusive would be for both Xbox and Windows. That could still screw Sony, Nintendo, Linux and Mac though.
  3. Considering TFP have repeatedly said that having the zombies fit into their environment is part of the plan and its their game, yeah. If you're this desperate to see boobs I suggest using google....
  4. That's kind of the point. She's not suppose to look like a stripper anymore. She's suppose to look like a hooker, call girl, clubber, shank at the bar, etc, so she fits into more locations than the boobie trap.
  5. Early Access games don't really apply to false advertising laws until the game goes gold and then they can easily bypass the laws by adding a "early build, content may change by release" and/or "content dependent on funding" disclaimer somewhere on the page.
  6. You're really buttburt that others like to play different than you lol
  7. Maybe it's because I play with my fiancé instead of singleplayer and that might affect(effect? I always get them confused) the spawn rate(not sure if non BM spawns care about player amount), but that seems to be about the average wandering horde size in our game. As for editing the photo. I don't see any edits that I wouldn't see in literally any other promotional shot for any other game, so I don't really see the big deal.
  8. The first page says "All traders still sell everything, but now each one specializes in something. Joel sells armor, Jen sells meds, Bob sells vehicles and tools, Hugh sells weapons and ammo, and Rekt will sell food and seeds."
  9. Just about everything has been delayed until next year. So not really surprising.
  10. If they remove nerd polling they need to add scaffolding or building and repairing will become painfully unfun. Building stairs to reach repair spots would be just as unrealistic as nerd polling, ever seen people do it in real life? No of course not, that's why we have scaffolding. Removing E to pick up wood blocks would also ruin base planning.
  11. Please tell me you aren't trying to insinuate that you care more about the game than TFP.....
  12. Fresh save and my fiancé and I are having the same problem with the primitive bow
  13. Never mind I'm an idiot who deleted all my old saves, etc but forgot to remove my mods
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