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  1. Just to clarify, the M1 Garand is an eight shot semi-automatic rifle. So in the same league as the sniper rifle in 7D2D.
  2. I find that if it is too close to the zed, it won't hit them. I keep a empty block space between the one that punchie sets one, my grandson's name for it, and the one the zombies walk-on.
  3. All things considered, I'd go with more rounds in the magazine verses an extra 2HP per round.
  4. Great, that's all we need, a wondering hoard of dancing Elvii. LOL
  5. Pffft, you guys with your high powered computers, mine was a Time-Sinclair 1000 with cassette tape drive to store programs.
  6. I also love the Gyrocopter, people keeps thinking it's a helicopter, it is not, it's a Short Take-Off & Landing aircraft. Learning how to fly slow and pretty soon you're landing on top of the silos in the Large Shotgun Messiah for the main loot.
  7. I usually don't buy the either, but there are a few times were I may. Like finishing up a set, or something I normally work spend XP on to learn it. So it depends on what it is and how I'm working on up to.
  8. I just got a tier 2 one for the new Working Stiffs store.
  9. Speaking of RNG and loot bags, do loot bag drops seem less to anyone else in 19.2? On my most recent save, since the release of stable A19.2, with difficultly at warrior and number of zombies on horde night set 24. I've gotten a total of six loot bags for both night 7 and 14 horde nights. I killed plenty of them but the loot bags don't seem to dropping as much for me, is it just RNG.
  10. Rather than a repair kit, how about items that require a repair kit, can only be repaired at a work bench and require the same materials in a proportional amount. For upgrade, just build a new one up to the level have the skill for and sell the old one to trader.
  11. I tried that and the game went right back to 19.1 B8. When I went back and selected Stable 19.1, the game upgraded but was still at 19.1 b8. I try again and opt out and see if that changes. Thank you for your input. Once more into the breach and this time it did update to 19.2 b4, thank you gentlemen. I got to wonder why it didn't do it yesterday when I tried the same thing?
  12. Alpha 19.2 update. I'm can not get anything higher than Alpha 19.1 B8 installed. The highest it shows under the Betas tab is 19.1, my only other option is opt out of betas. I restarted my steam app a couple of times. Any suggestions on how I can do this. I've been around since 16.4 so I'm familiar on how to update and how to run betas through steam.
  13. Depending on the situation, but I build with bars and upgrade them to iron as I go along. For heavy duty use, I prefer cobble stone non-centered pole running horizontal in two rows. They can be upgraded all the way to steel.
  14. I prefer to use trip wires with them so they are behind walls and protected from damage, especially from demos. Pair them up with electric fences to stun the zeds and keeps dart usage way down. I also have them hooked up to switch so I only turn them one when I feel overwhelmed or when demos show up.
  15. Well maybe they are woken up by the sound of zombie dieing?
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