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  1. I agree with the tier 6 items only be craft-able, you want tier 6 steel club, you have to put the effort and a ton of XP points into it. I like this rather than luck of the draw RNG, spending your time specializing and XP expenditures in one area only to never find the top item that you specialized in.
  2. I play solo most of the time and actually prefer 4K maps as I'm done playing a save long before I've explored the map.
  3. I still prefer stealth mode, I only spend one point into sneak kill to increase sneak damage by .5x. I only wear light armor and usually put a point or two into that. Primary weapon is bow/crossbow until I get a silencer, with a club/sledge melee and either blunderbuss/shotgun or AR/AK as backup. In know areas of mass enemies or trap rooms, I drop a junk turret to settle things down. Early game its bow, stone sledge until I find a bat and spear for melee and carry two blunderbuss's for backup. I don't carry a thumper and use those only for base defense outside the door.
  4. I've seen plenty of wonder zeds, wandering hoards, fricking vultures, dogs, lions, bears, coyotes and wolves. As far as game animals, I've see plenty of chickens and rabbits but I finally saw my first deer on game day 41 at 90 minute day and zero wild hogs.
  5. I could see loot rooms only in quest POI, that are only triggered when you trigger the quest. You could have regular storage boxes that are replaced with better ones once the quest starts.
  6. 90 minute days, warrior level, start with 12 zombies and up it every other hoard night to a max of 24 or 32. Keep tool belt on death, mark air drops.
  7. So who is looting high level boxes so early on? I don't open large safes or valuable crates until I get above GS 40. There is still valuable loot, trader quests and items to buy from traders. I found a level 1 toilet pistol, bought 3 level M16 and a motorcycle all by day 8. Still using box, blunderbuss and sawed off shotgun for looting and hoard mights, enjoying the challenge this brings to the game.
  8. My last save was started with b177 so even though stable and b180 are the same, I started a new save anyway.
  9. I rather like the new system, we're playing a zombie apocalypse game on a computer, after all. So nothing like this IRL so suspension of disbelief is minimal at best. As for chest and crates, I put a marker on the map, on all of the Working Stiffs, Shotgun Messiah boxes and large safes and head to them when my game stage is higher. I just started a new save with stable release and I think it adds more to immersion as IRL, the best stuff has already been looted by other survivors and I have to build up to higher levels. If you want easy win, just spawn in what you want and carry-on.
  10. Thank you, I checked the Mods folder and that was how I had it, then I tried moving the KHA19-LockableInvSlots directly into the Mods folder but no joy.
  11. I added Kage's mod to my Mods folder, only thing in there, and I still only have the b177 vanilla version in my game. Before b177, I just deleted the remarks from the built-in stashfile lines from the XMl file and it worked fine, albeit without the cool Kage icons. Now I'm stuck, anyone have a solution?
  12. Blunderbuss, before A19, I never used it, now I can't imagine early game without it.
  13. I agree, mid to late game, the axe becomes my sole melee weapon. I do stealth builds, so bow, cross bow, SMG w/silencer as primary ranged weapon with shotty as back-up. Other weapon combinations for some POIs like Shamway or Shot gun messiah.
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