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  1. @Grubbage Holy crap that might have worked i played for a couple hours straight until the server restarted, i have absolutely 0 stutter now and the only option i changed is the textures to half ...... Go figure lol. Thanks @zepsuty but i think i fixed it. Will check it out though.
  2. I tried to switch to a different profile on my windows and i still got errors, tbh i can play the game with ultra/high settings just fine, it might have more stutters in dedicated servers than p2p ones but nothing too crazy in general. I can play with these options in the pic and the lowest i got is 45 fps. Is there an option in the settings that uses ram mostly ? I could lower it down and see if i'm going to get disconnected again. I get disconnected when i try to open any menu inventory,character etc or containers, the game freezes for 5-10 seconds and throws me to the main menu Also can i see the lines where it says about the sound errors ?
  3. I did what you said wiped every possible trace of 7 days to die used the launcher and cleared everything and it's still happening. Here's the output log in case something changed. output_log__2020-07-04__22-02-56.txt
  4. I will try it, test a server and will be back with results
  5. I'm just joining a server i have no problem playing the game with my friends by ourselves. Sucks that i'm missing out it's way more fun with other people in the server to be honest.
  6. Nothing worked 😕 i'm starting to give up hope, when is the stable version getting out ? Might try again when it releases.
  7. There's something definitely wrong when i open my inventory or a container, the game seems to not like it and throws me in the main menu and i'm trying to understand what the reason could be i've never had this problem before it just started happening.
  8. I reset my modem and will open ports for the server but i'm pessimistic about it. I don't understand i haven't disabled windows defender and i have allowed access to every 7 days to die exe there is but could disabling solve this problem ? I don't know but i could try. Guys btw do the logs say anything ? And thanks for taking the time to help me
  9. Just played about half an hour or so on single player and i didn't encounter this problem.
  10. It seems like i'm getting kicked when i try to open a container or access my inventory, if i don't do that my game keeps running fine...
  11. Hello !!! I do not have The Fun Pimps folder. I found this in local low though i don't know if it can help you but doesn't hurt to try. output_log.txt
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