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  1. This mean less small roads going to big roads then small roads again going to dead ends with small farm house? I found a lot of misleading roads where go big and thick to small again and it made me sad. Was hard to find towns or cities because of it.
  2. Wish this could be some how multi threaded lol. Cya in a few weeks.
  3. This tool gets better and better by the day. I keep starting over I increased the N/S biomes from 0.08 to 0.16 and now generating only greenlands so I can enjoy a more temperature banded world.
  4. Oh god now I have to wait haha <3 That sounds awesome in all ways. That was sort what I wanted biome wise rather then just random or green with patches of random was more of area of biomes sort of like a temperature belt. Wonder if you can quickly throw a more central spawn point? Some way to allow the player spawn say in the green zone instead of desert / snow. Suck being caught on a large map in one those area's. Then I wanted more smoothness I use smoother now but I find it's not quite enough I find it gets quite rough. I assume this why RWG is so boring flat. There is no decent ro
  5. Hello, a bit newbie with this tool and it's an amazing tool that I enjoyed so far. I was wondering if there was a easy way to set biome weights? I'm not quite good at making my own but was trying to make a 16k x 16k with quite a bit of green with the other biomes a bit smaller around the map. Thanks Edit: I played with some settings seems to be mostly forest now I think I had to many hills before and such
  6. I have to thank you for your addons and quite enjoy them. I was a bit sad about your bag addon though. I was looking forward to it being more locked progression wise. As you start with the same amount of slots as before but unlock chunks at a time maybe instead of to 5 it goes to 10 just offering you that longer rewarding play from it. Not sure if this is something you might take as a request down the road. Someone else did it themselves but their icons seem to be the same size offering a really annoying interface. Thanks
  7. Tried using this pack. About 2min in I found it had massive indoor stadium of some sort and just fracked the entire landscape for miles. I was quite sad Am I doing something wrong I never seen vanilla do that much besides intersecting roads?
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