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  1. I've had wolves attack my door, attack my walls, die on my spikes because they keep running onto them instead of keeping their distance. They absolutely act like zombies and it bugs me, A. because it doesn't make sense for them to behave like that, and B. because i hate killing dogs.
  2. The 4x4 needs a lot of work, imo, before adding things to it.
  3. What's "st*pid" is being able to shoot them in the face over and over again until you can't event see their head for all the arrows poking out like a wooden porcupine. Or shooting them with bullets over and over, reloading and shooting them some more. Yet we can stab them a few times and just kite them around while they bleed out and die. If you shoot something in the face, it should die. Period. They need to be consistent in their damage model. If they bleed out from being stabbed, that's fine, but they should also bleed out from being shot. EDIT: Yeah, why can't we drink from
  4. I've had similar happen. I've been working around my fences without paying attention and just run through them. I realize what i've done and been, "Wtf?" so i turn around and run back through the wire and get zapped.
  5. I guess the biggest reason it bugs me is the overall inconsistency of how weapons work. I can shoot them in the face with arrows and they just keep coming despite resembling Pinhead from Hellraiser, but if i stab them a couple of times they can just bleed to death. It's the same with guns. It doesn't make sense to me.
  6. Well, we have one zombie with a window in his skull, and let's not forget the rotten crawler dragging tendrils of his torso and innards behind him. I'd say that would make them pretty much dead, but they can still bleed out if you stab them. I'm well aware of "suspension of disbelief"; when it makes sense in the current theme. Dead, rotting corpses walking/running around is the apparent theme. Having them bleed out when i stab them a couple of times is, in my opinion, contrary to that theme.
  7. In the early game i did a lot of melee with the bone knife and hunting knife. I could watch the zombies bleed out and die after a few jabs. How can a zombie with missing bits, holes in their head, etc, bleed to death?
  8. i'm not denying the absurdity of it, i'm just stating that one is possible -however impractical- whereas the other (flaming bullets and such) is not. My point stands as well.
  9. We've been seeing this every horde night on our server as well. The only way we can "fix" it is to log out to main menu then hop back onto the server.
  10. In my experience, they usually don't line up. Especially not more than two or three of them. They kind of come together in a group, but that's only natural for most creatures.
  11. An ax head is not wooden. Just sayin'...
  12. Which begs the question, is there a way ingame to see what our GS is?
  13. Yes, i choose to ignore the appearance (or lack thereof) of a reason for my melee weapons to be on fire. I figure they haven't had time to model in the appearance. Again, it's what's reasonable to expect a weapon to be able to do vs some arbitrary "enchantment" that makes a gun shoot magick bullets. Personally, i think the fire on melee weapons shouldn't be an "always on" thing. It should have to be reapplied.
  14. Adding fire to your axe is a simple as wrapping it in oil soaked cloth for example. A gun that fires flaming bullets or some other such nonsense shouldn't even be considered, imo.
  15. Hell no. Keep the enchanted weapons in fantasy games where they belong.
  16. I started in A8, left in A10 and came back for the tail end of A18. I'm fine with the current direction with exception to the current loot system and all the crazy, wacky zombies we have now. The glowing, puking, exploding zombies are a real detriment to the game, imo, but at least we have mods to turn them off.
  17. When attacking a military base, i like to kite the zombies out and drag them across the perimeter land mines. Today when i tried that, i watched them just weave around the mines in a deliberate fashion.
  18. i installed his x2 version last night. works fairly well, but i think i might try the x4 version soon.
  19. i prefer Romero style zombies, but for the sake of streaming, i've split the difference. I don't have cops, demo, or radiated zombies and the fastest they can move is a jog. I'd much rather have the slower Romero zombies, but lots and lots of them, though i'm sure the game can't really handle large numbers of zombies.
  20. the "kill all" worked. I have the feral zombies back.
  21. I think you're being deliberately obtuse, but hey, i'll bite. I think what he's referring to are the stone axes, stone hammers, stone arrows, the primitive bows, the bone knives that we get over and over, in every kind of box, safe, sealed crate, munitions box, etc.
  22. I will try the "kill all" command on the morrow, but i don't know how long it'll take the game start spawning zombies again. Or for that matter, how long 'til i'm supposed to see ferals.
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