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  1. New survival skill learned: Math. The only thing that keeps you from making silly mistakes, like eating corn bread with a food bar above 130 - an thus eating an item with a negative expected food gain. Maybe calculating and displaying the expected food gain based on the players food bar, food poisoning percent and the items food value isn't such a bad idea?
  2. My biggest issue with the tool parts is, that I hardly ever had a reason to actually use them in my two A18 playthroughs. I always ended up with half a chest of all these parts - kept them just in case I might need them. The quality and quantity of looted items however was almost always ahead of what I could actually craft. The only case where I actually had to use them, was when RNG refused to bless me with an auger but granted me several chainsaws. So after investing in the required perks, I finally scrapped all but one chainsaw and built my auger. Although, I have to say, that I was a
  3. I'll give it a try ... Oliwhere'bouts - Lost Luggage Auctions
  4. Thanks for making this very informative video - always enjoy watching your videos. I just happened to discuss the horde night spawning distances with Roland in another thread about possible spawns durig horde night in a POI base: So judging by your results, I'd say that you should probably build your horde base 60+ blocks away - unless you replaced all floor blocks that is
  5. The real builders nightmare comes in, if you think about the fact, that demos can generate craters like this below the reinforced concrete foundation of your base. The concrete above may stay intact - but the blocks below might get withered away over time and at some point the SI will be compomised enough to have your base crumble. While demos only do 10% damage to dirt, 500 damage is still a lot and quickly erodes the surface layers. I guess it's time that the player gets access to that xray technology that zombies already seem to have. Either that or my next base will have to have a fo
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