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  1. New survival skill learned: Math. The only thing that keeps you from making silly mistakes, like eating corn bread with a food bar above 130 - an thus eating an item with a negative expected food gain. Maybe calculating and displaying the expected food gain based on the players food bar, food poisoning percent and the items food value isn't such a bad idea?
  2. My biggest issue with the tool parts is, that I hardly ever had a reason to actually use them in my two A18 playthroughs. I always ended up with half a chest of all these parts - kept them just in case I might need them. The quality and quantity of looted items however was almost always ahead of what I could actually craft. The only case where I actually had to use them, was when RNG refused to bless me with an auger but granted me several chainsaws. So after investing in the required perks, I finally scrapped all but one chainsaw and built my auger. Although, I have to say, that I was actually quite okay with having to mine with a pickaxe for the first weeks - so in this case I found the delay through 'gating' to be fitting for overall progression.
  3. I'll give it a try ... Oliwhere'bouts - Lost Luggage Auctions
  4. I had a similar problem with a tree that became invisible in A17. The way i fixed it, I think, was to dig out the blocks below it and make it 'fall'. You could also try to plant a new tree below it and let it grow and see if that replaces the blocks.
  5. Thanks for making this very informative video - always enjoy watching your videos. I just happened to discuss the horde night spawning distances with Roland in another thread about possible spawns durig horde night in a POI base: So judging by your results, I'd say that you should probably build your horde base 60+ blocks away - unless you replaced all floor blocks that is
  6. I read the original posters question as 'Do I need to worry about zombie spawns inside my base, now that the bedroll no longer blocks a 30x30 area from bloodmoon spawns?'. So people ask about the consequences of that change regarding their gameplay. As far as I understand faatals answers, the answer is 'no' for a player-built base, because all these blocks do not allow any zombie spawns ever. For a POI base with your bedroll in it, things are different since some POI blocks allow zombie spawns - also during horde night. You can block normal POI spawns by landclaiming the area - but AFAIK the landclaim doesn't block horde night spawns either. The reason why there are no complaints about this yet, is, that even if they do spawn inside your base, they probably just path out of there or bash a door or window. Still, if a zombie spawns on a false ceiling and takes fall damage and goes into area destruction mode, it's not entirely impossible that some of your valuable stuff gets damaged or lost. I agree though about the fact that the change in biome spawns affects a far greater number of players - I upped the biome spawns in my game as well and the atmosphere of the whole game changes dramatically - feels good to be back in an apocalypse. --- Update: just saw that vedui made a very nice video about zombie spawning distances: He found the horde night zombies to spawn about 30-50 blobks around the player. I guess this means a good recommendation for people using a POI as base, is to fight the horde more than 60 blocks away from our main base in order to minimize the chance of zombies spawning in it. Worst thing you could do is build your horde base exaytly 40 blocks from your main base - as this would maximize the chances to spawn in it.
  7. There was some discussion about this with faatal already at the beginning of this thread - see post https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?136444-Announcement-Welcome-18-2-b5-to-stable!&p=1072059&viewfull=1#post1072059 As far as I understand this, a base which only contains player placed blocks will never have bloodmoon zombies spawn in it. However if your home base is a converted POI with your bedroll in it or your self-built base contains even just a single terrain block, there may very well be zombie spawns in it during horde night. The type of concrete/wood used in POIs has the attribute set to allow zombie spawns. So converting a POI seems a bit more risky now - as a zombie might punch his way towards you through your wall of chests to get to your location. As far as the distance of bloodmoon zombie spawns is concerned, I've seen them appear as close as 30-40 m away from me. If I had to guess, it's probably random but not closer than X meters distance to the player - maybe faatal could clarify how this works exactly. If they spawned at the edge of the loaded chunks, I suppose it would take them too long to get to you and some may get stuck on obstacles.
  8. The real builders nightmare comes in, if you think about the fact, that demos can generate craters like this below the reinforced concrete foundation of your base. The concrete above may stay intact - but the blocks below might get withered away over time and at some point the SI will be compomised enough to have your base crumble. While demos only do 10% damage to dirt, 500 damage is still a lot and quickly erodes the surface layers. I guess it's time that the player gets access to that xray technology that zombies already seem to have. Either that or my next base will have to have a foundation 5 blocks deep made of half-blocks so it can be accessed by tunnels and repaired after horde night. Just had my day 77 horde night / GS ~300 yesterday and demolishers get really common then - about 40 demos out of ~500 total and maximum of 4 at a time. In a SP world this means for me that some demo explosions are to be expected - so I plan for them beforehand.
  9. I looked in the blocks.xml and see that there are quite a few blocks allowing zombie spawns - two of which look somewhat problematic to me: - farmPlotBlock , which is probably quite common inside a player base - terrConcrete , which might be common if the base is built by taking over an existing POI In my base I quite often have my garden on top of my base and might get an unpleasant surprise with zombies on the roof with the new update. So this change might catch players off-guard who relied on the spawn protection of the bedroll and not having placed a landclaim. Edit: I saw there is also a FarmPlotBlockPlayer, which doesn't allow spawns - so I guess my roof is safe and only POI farm blocks are affected.
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