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  1. Personally I have been thinking along the same lines here. Onarr has put some very valuable thought into this post. Now I know that it is not possible to just go and redesign the entire game's mechanics and logic, but I also strongly believe that there are more people out there who would like to see things like this added to add a slight new polish on top of what the game has to offer. Yes I know this game has it's flaws but that's just how the world works when designing a video game. Yes sometimes I feel like it needs more to it and the majority (Keyword: "Majority") of people complain that it's been forever in development and not much new additions have surfaced, I agree to some extent. What I'm saying is that Onarr has come up with very humble and doable ideas that even I would love to see implemented. But you know what, even if it takes forever, I'm fine with it because I'm a loyal supporter of this game and it just keeps getting better! Always put your best opinion forward and it might end up in the game! ...OK enough of my rant, I'm grabbing some pizza and it's time to start a new world and politely greet some zombies with the trusty wooden club!
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