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  1. sorry for the late response. No, it was a single player game. I ended up giving up and starting over....again
  2. totally borked update. died upon opening and can't get out of the death screen without force quiting the game. does anyone know if rolling back to b163 lets us back in our game?
  3. Didn't help. It's still not showing up in my "continue game" list. There's nothing there 😭
  4. I have a copy of it, I forget where to put it. But I generated it using nitrogen so I still have a copy. I'll see where else I can throw it lol Thanks!
  5. Okay, please help I'm freaking out. I copied my a19 save game and then I followed the video tutorial on how to delete my old data so I could report a bug. Then I moved my save back into the same file I pulled it out from....AND MY GAME DOESN'T SHOW UP IN THE "continue game" OPTIONS! I was on day 55, and was so freaking proud of what I had accomplished, please don't tell me it's lost!
  6. Is anyone else constantly getting an IOException regarding file sharing when trying to start games on generated maps? I made sure everything related to the file was closed out, as I know it doesn't like it. The IOException freezes it and it never finishes the "initializing world" stage. It's the dtm_processed.raw file that gets stuck
  7. YAY it downloaded while I was making lunch. Screw my taxes, I'm going to play!
  8. They haven't published it yet, you did everything right, you just have to wait with the rest of us
  9. once we're opted in, how often does steam refresh itself looking for updates?
  10. Ummmm, no. CST is only 1 hour behind EST.... So yeah
  11. So what is the longest it's ever taken for generating a map? I think I broke it lol. Been going on about ~20 minutes at this point update: total time = 67 minutes and 15 seconds Hopefully I actually like the layout....
  12. So I got a world to generate, and I just decided to make my own "generatedWorlds" folder. It worked in that I can see my generated world name in the list, but I get to a certain point and then I get an IOException and the game got stuck (didn't go to "not responding" but sat there for so long I gave up at force quit it). IOException: Sharing violation on path C:\Users\jaqdi\AppData\Roaming \7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds\ZanesVille\dtm_prcoess ed.raw
  13. Okay, I can't find the generatedWorlds folder to save my life. Inside of my AppData -> Roaming -> 7DaysToDie I have a folder called Saves and a folder called SavesLocal Putting it inside the Saves doesn't bring it up. also, I just realized my generated map doesn't contain any POIs It also says it only took 42 seconds to generate an 8K world....
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