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  1. Am at stage 67 day 17 with 3 traders and nothing ..
  2. Hope somebody can explain something for me. In the Intelect build under advanced engineerings level 3 you start getting the cost of crafting steel being reduced, with level 4 and 5 even more. How is that possible as crafting steel is only available at level 5 ?
  3. Madmole does that mean I will have to up my digging to this level ?
  4. Fantastic story. I have not had any yet as i dont get past day 14 before i do a new map (next exp version). Does the demolishers run up to a wall and detonate or do they just break it ? Did you just have a square base wall or maze type ?
  5. Found the schematic for the m60 and for a drum magazine. Maybe i should test it on my day 14 horde in a few hrs.
  6. Is it possible to fix the terrain that it does not look like toast. Large pieces of my map begin to look like this. Using Nvidia 970 card
  7. Am on day 11 and have garden with mushroom, corn, blueberry seed planted.High on bacon and egg as well. Mix eating canned and cooked food as i go. Have not had even one upset stomach yet
  8. Just had my day 7 horde and use a military minefield as added protection. Few zombies never reached my base.
  9. Looks like my day 5 will be doing quests, you got me convinced.
  10. I have not done a single quest, but got myself stuck in a looting loop and day five is dawning. Have lv3 AK, plan to craft grenades and tonnes of other stuff. Getting bit worried where i am going to hold up for my day 7 blood moon though.
  11. Found the time i wait for the sun to come up is best used looking through all my crafting plans.
  12. So my game taking 11min to gen a map on my pc is ok then ?
  13. Have no problems yet. Had the most wonderfull spawn location ever.... right next to a trader and ending up to be the one i had to find. Could not believe my eyes. Unfortunately in a snow biome. Day two and only found a 9mm, but a iron spear as well.
  14. Nothing showing on my steam beta yet !
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