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  1. I wrote a while back about the POI's that were either risen or sunk. So far, I have only come across the 2 that I took a screenshot of, but I went in and changed the height on the prefab.xml list and it worked.

    On line 163 I changed it to the following (it was showing as 43 before)

    <decoration type="model" name="army_camp_03" position="-48,41,-3297" rotation="2" />

    On line 2181 I changed it to the following (it was showing at 42 before)

    <decoration type="model" name="settlement_trader_03" position="160,50,-2961" rotation="2" />

    This put the POI's at the proper z axis but figured you may want the bits of code so you can update on your end. This is on the DF_large map. I did see a couple of other POI's that were off by 1 in that same city (one was the Police Building at the edge of the burnt biome), but didn't think they were bad enough to make enough of a fuss about to fix. If I come across any others that sunk or risen to high, I will let you know.

    Not a game breaking thing, just a minor inconvenience as you have to kind of use frames to reach these POI's, but figured you may want to know.

  2. So I am having some weird issues with a few things. First off, when I click on the Farming Entry in the journal, nothing happens, it just keeps the entry of whatever I was clicked on before showing. Not a huge deal, but I am guessing there is some important information contained in the entry.


    Next, we are camped out at a Trader Bob, and if we go away and come back, he will start cloning but the clones will start dying. The main trader is fine and I can still talk to him, but I dont know why the trader is doing this. Not a huge deal, and its kind of funny, but thought I would bring it up.


    Also, I am having a weird issue with some of the POI's either being up to high or sunk in the ground. The trader in particular is rather odd, I have to nerd pole my way out. I went into a new game to see if it was just the save, but the same issue at the same places that I saw it at are happening as you can see in the pictures below. These are on the large map.








    I don't know if this is a global issue with the map or if its something on my end. Thanks for the mod, its really cool!

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