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  1. Hi, I am trying to start Darkness falls but every time I try to start the game via the 7D"D Launcher i get a critical error message reading: "Failed to load mono"... is anyone familiar with this error or have a solution for it? I am running the A19.3(b6) of the game version which should be fine.
  2. kamakazi

    True Survival

    The game is literally unplayable, frame rates are erratic between 10-58 fps, until this is fixed, Im not playing anymore. Alsp perma death makes it too frustrating. I hope someone makes a better MOD for A17. But I give Mr Spyder a 10 for effort!
  3. kamakazi

    True Survival

    Thank you brother, that really helped! Much Love!
  4. kamakazi

    True Survival

    Grain alcohol? I built a still have the ingredients, but I can't make Grain alcohol, and there is NO recipe neither in the skills or in any books? i though maybe the chemist or doctor had it, but they dont seem to start with this recipe either?? Any one had any luck?
  5. EAC console spam bug! Hi just started Starvation using the 7DTD Launcher, but as soon as the main menu comes up, I get a red spam message in the console, says something about EAC Hydra? I am running A16,4(b8), I am not running EAC neither in 7DTdie or through steam. Anyone else have this issue? Well, this MOD is down and broken I guess, I went into 7 days to die folder and removed everything that had anything to do with EAC...but still the console gives me the red text message spam about a Missing Meathod exception EAC Hydra bla bla bla...so I guess It's back to the WORKING True Surviv
  6. kamakazi

    True Survival

    Hi Nax! I actually figured out exactly the points you brought up! There is no way to play the way one used to play in vanilla. i have a no confrontation policy for my self now, only kill walkers, that are in the way of progress, like zombies in a house you want to explore, but if it is a puker, just call of the mission and run! Yes the kabobs are great gives you one entire wellness. And only drink Goldenrod tea nothing else! The scooter was amazing, however gas, is really hard to find. I survived til day 9 this last try. Then at 20 wellness I restarted. I havent reeally figured out the
  7. kamakazi

    True Survival

    Impossible game. Hi. I really hoped that this Mod would revive the game for me, but after about 25 atempts Ive just gotten to the point where i feel this is the end of 7 days to die for me. true survival is completely and utterly impossible to beat. The perma death removes the enjoyment of the game completely! All starts out well, but as soon as you leve the confines of the building you've taken over, you die once, then never get back to your backpack, chased down every time and killed, before you know it, your down to 10 wellness. There is no way to regain any realistic amount of wellness
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