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  1. I miss bubbles the clown. Scariest zombie in the mod.
  2. DF is OK. But its not the same. -Steel is its own thing, scrap it or forge the raw material from iron an coal -Second forge for steel items -Quadruple the workbenches and quadruple the unique items -unique zombies you could only find on 100+ gamestage hord nights or in certain POIs -Radiation zone was a placw to strive for. Was a more challenging place than early alpha hub city -waste land had bandits, and they were seriously dangerous. But also uniquely rewarding. -radiation suit had a purpose. -farming was unique, required maintenance. -winter brought out unique animals/monsters
  3. Just gonna say: This needs to come back. This was by far the best mod during A16. It turned vanilla endgame into Starvation middle-game. Everything that was attempted in A17 and A18 to make vanilla better was already decently implemented in this mod. But what it suffers is the lack of optimization in A16 vanilla. I dont hate on A17 or A18, but I do still have this mod installed and keep going back to it after 2 or 3 playthroughs of the new alphas.
  4. I do not have anything definitive, but here are examples of what I have run into: 1. I had a base maybe 300 blocks away. You could not see the power plant from the base, used relays and lights about 14 blocks apart to reach. Power would stay on most of the time, but if I went far enough away for looting the power would be off on my return. And sometimes power would just turn off randomly while staying in the base. 2. Another base I had a 'horde base' about 250 blocks away, and had 30+ relays underground. I never had an issue with power although I only used it for horde night. 3. Yet a
  5. Easy fix: Trigger the santa event and run away to let santa meet his fate. Rinse and repeat and your santa problem will weed out. Plus, its hilarious when he screams.
  6. I have always imagine that the Starvation dev team wanted it this way, as to make you try every aspect of the mod. Want to know how to build something? Make all of the workbenches/tools to find out. Some of the descriptions give you hints while others leave you in the dark.
  7. It is just like any other assembled weapon. You have to use the weapon bench to build or repair it. It has 4 specific parts to assemble it.
  8. Question: If you are using advanced mode already, then what will it mean for mod users when Alpha 17 is released? Will our A16.4 mods still work using the launcher since it created a copy of the game? Or is there a tie in to Steam that, when it updates to A17, we will not be able to launch our A16 copies?
  9. Quick question: I used the launcher to install this mod, and chose to copy into a separate folder so Vanilla was not affected. With A17 coming, does this mean that I can still play Starvation under 16.4 build and also play vanilla A17? If not, does it mean we have to wait for a new version of starvation after the A17 launch?
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