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  1. I was seriously reading this thread until I realized it was solely based upon the game no longer using minecraft style crafting. . . . . . . . I expected a debate about how late-game resources like cement mixers and pallets of cement are lying in the front yard of 30% of basic POIs, when cement used to be midgame level achievement. I expected comments about how AKs are found by day 4 when they used to be non-existent until day 35 (or you found only half the parts to one until day 50). I expected some comments about how starting from scratch and replaying now requires most people to up the difficulty or make self-imposed rules/skill builds in order to stay interested for one more playthrough, when previously I looked forward to getting to late-game so I would start a new playthrough without the need to change anything. . . . . . Manual crafting. Huh.
  2. Everything you asked for is right at your fingertips. All you have to do is open the config files with notepad++. Why ask devs to do that? I frequently edit the config files to match (challenge myself) with different playstyles.
  3. Get the mod launcher. Set it up to save games separate from the vanilla. Then run the game with no mods for A18 in the mod launcher (runnning a copy of vanilla) and when the game updates, your A18 save is safe in the mod launcher folder. Which allows you to run any alpha version you want while your regular installed vanilla is the latest.
  4. My post earlier was not to say A16 was better, but to clarify that A16 was not horrible either. Mt statement was to say that A16 did not have obvious exploits that kill the game like A17/A18. ANd now I realize that I made a mistake: A16 exploit was that they could not attack down, and you could make a wooden bunker no zombie could reach. Digging down was a much needed addition. My opinion is that the pathing in A18 should apply to all zombies during the week (it works great when a wandering horde comes along during a POI raid). But Blood Moon should go back to complete random, straight-line GPS, smash-through-anything-in-my-way mode. And they should always be able to attack in any direction.
  5. A16 AI had a very small chance for spinning zombies (less than 1 in 20) but had no super obvious exploits. The randomness of the AI in A16 is something I miss. Also, spam carafting and auto mining were fixed in A16.
  6. Still predictable. I played single-day, random +/- 2 day once (making it an average of every 1.5 days tha could be back to back) and I would do everything I could during the day so I could go sit and be ready at 22:00. If it did not happen, I would go mining. But if it could happen at any time with no warning other than that screach soundbyte, that would make the game feel like the first season of TWD.
  7. One of the best additions since A17 is the ability to set Horde Night at different intervals other than 7 days. But imagine if the 6 hour running/GPS spree could be set to happen at any time during the day as well? You could be inside a POI or traveling back from a trader visit and hear that 22:00 screach......... Would be a good modlet.
  8. I am playing A16 right now. They take roughly 2 in-game days to despawn by themselves. They serve a purpose in that left alone, large piles will attract screamers. Dog corpses are the same in both alphas, they remain for longer than A18 corpse despawn, but despawn faster than A16 corpses. A16 did not have tons of gore blocks everywhere, your glue was entirely dependant on corpses. You clean what you want in A16. So say you have a horde structure not part of your main base, the corpses would despawn by the 7th day if your lazy. You would not be near it enough to trigger the screamer spawn. I have cleared recently cleared over a hundred corpses with an axe in only 2 in-game hours. That equates to 5 minutes IRL. Axe is not efficient for harvesting, but if you are doing it simply to clear them and not the bones, then yeah. Again, if you want bones in A16, this is pretty much your only resource.
  9. I used to lay out as many spike traps as I could to intentionally create the most bodies at the end of horde night, just for the bones. Main weapon was always exploding bolts. Tons of splash damage and no block damage. Required hundreds of duct tape per week. A18 has enough bones laying about I guess. But in pre-A17, brass was very rare. You did not waste thousands of bullets at anytime. When the hordes were 300+ nights with cops exploding everywhere, you balanced your resources. A18 with its pinata loot fest you get to spray and pray all week long. It really only took 5 minutes to chop up the bodies with a machette, and they needed to removed if they were in the way of repairs. And the bodies used to spawn screamers, so it has hygiene. I miss the reason why bones were impartant more than I miss the bodies themselves.
  10. Suggestion: Everyone here (because you are only reading this because there is something you missed from previous alphas) should install the mod launcher and replay a previous alpha once more. I am doing it now. There are two reasons for this: 1. It gives you a refresher of what you think you missed, and why. I am not saying it will be less dramatic or not important, in contrast it will actually be more clear why you miss the particular mechanic that was removed. Sometimes memory alone cannot recapture the exact reason. 2. You may be incorrect as to what/why something was better in the previous alpha. But you will remember something else that seems just a minor thing at first, but come to realize that it had a strong impact that you missed. Its a good eye opener. For me, I liked A16 the most. Not to say I like everything about A16, but its short-comings were the least? For instance, that thing about making 1000 axes did not exist. And LBD is not what most people imagine. The skills were broken into tools, weapons, armor, and rifles. These skills dictated the quality level of the item. Even if you combined them, it stopped you from combining items past you skill level. And the skills were player level gated. So, not truly LBD, and not able to spam craft. Your crafting exp did go up with crafting, but that only helped crafting time, not quality. So there would be no benefit to wasting that much wood (you could scrap to get the stone back) for crafting a 1000 axes. One of the very first things that I noticed that I missed was a general feel of earning personal goals. Its not as easy as one particular thing. For starters, I was shocked at how rare having a shooting weapon and ammo was. And the first ones I got in the first 4 weeks are weak and almost useless on a daily basis. It makes you focus on your craft-able resources so much more. Something like feathers becomes all too important at times. You may also notice some things that you miss from the current alpha. That gyrocopter would be awesome in late game A16.
  11. **** Duke and **** immersion. This is a point of about simple game balance. I dont give two ****s about the fact I can carry 20 metric tons of rock in the same space as a stack of paper. A true gamer knows that game mechanics is about making the challenge worth it. Right now the Demolisher invalidates more than half of the horde defense items put into the game. Thats pretty piss poor game dev right there. And its obvious from your statements that you have an issue with people who build passive defenses, so I can only garner that opinion might be shared with MM as well. Granted, my favorite horde bases are ones where you have to run around like a squirrel juggling between shooting and repairing to just barely keep the horde back. The problem is as what people have already said. Instead of slowly and creatively building up a defense that handles the increasing pressure laid down by the hordes, you get forced into using the most basic of defenses, or outright exploits. And dont you dare make the mistake that I havent tried dozens of approaches. I have quite few horde designs that handle these Serious Sam ripoffs. And I didnt lazily come up with them using creative mode. My success and failures have been through standard gameplay and grinding resources. But as mentioned earlier, all it takes is the kill corridor and 3 blade traps/electric fences, and you can AFK a hundred Demlishers. Or better yet, just dig a hole to bedrock. Who needs to build anything anymore? 3 years and this is what we get. The modders came up with much better designs than this thing. Again, game balance. The effect on the game by adding this particular element has been to remove the ability to use: turrets, mines, bars, steel walls, concrete, junk turrets, and shotguns. And its direct counter is digging a hole in the ground, or even further exploiting AI. Good job.
  12. I miss bubbles the clown. Scariest zombie in the mod.
  13. THIS. Its a game. It becomes fun with a certain balance of GAME MECHANICS. Stop with your 'realism' argument. If you want to use realistic examples to win an argument, do it in the real world where it needs it. Back to your example: The light mod comes from the original mining helmet. In previous alphas, the only thing that had light on your headgear was finding the all purpose, gotta-have-it mining helmet. In one alpha, I dont even think you could craft one. If you wanted to see in the dark, you had to carry a torch or a (working) flashlight. In Alpha 17 they introduced the light mod and now you can have a better armor rating and still have the light. And now your asking for it to be a day 1 gimme. Forget your reasoning, your basically whining you want the game pandered to you, which is what most people are complaining they do to much of.
  14. Yet in A16, I could build a base that did exactly that without exploits. It was not an easy build. It took in-game weeks to get put together, and many experiments to get it right. I wouldnt say it was non-maintenance either, but theres a big difference between repairing a few walls and traps (sometimes during the horde) and having to completely rebuild large sections and crafting/buying 6 or more traps a week. Also, I would actively defend the base but I would be able to do so without a weekly spend of 1500+ AP rounds. The new shift actually detracts from using half of the traps they designed in the game. They are a liability. Why bother using turrets anymore? So I dont think its a rediculous thing to expect that if you put in the effort to build something complicated and smart, you get to reap the reward. The big problem is that right now, its not worth building anything challenging because it wont work, and its super easy to build something cheesy because that will work.
  15. If you mean damage to the legs? I have no idea. But having a trench 3 deep and 4 wide of iron spikes that they walk over like regular ground does slow them down. This buffer is what I use to land 4 or 5 exploding crossbow bolts into them. Theres usually more than one demolisher running around. This has been my active defense now. Just a moat of spikes and exploding bolts. Sometimes the frag rockets. These exploding weapons do not do any damage to blocks (unlike grenades). They also stop/hobble/launch the zombies into the air so they stop forward movement. The moat works great as when cops/demolishers do make a big hole, the AI thinks this is more trouble and has the zombies walk through fresh spikes. Very rarely do they actually reach the walls of my tower. But it takes 300+ bolts, shooting almost non-stop. I do use the M60 to try to take out as many of the real tough ones, but I loved the idea of blade traps and turrets. Now they are useless as they do more damage to my base (indirectly) than help. I dont like the idea that this new zombie takes away from using defenses. Now A16 Starvation mod had some good ideas for dangerous new zombies: Wallcrusher was slow but did 1000 damage with its fists, and self healed. You needed to focus on them during blood moons. That would have been a much better idea than stealing the jack-in-the-box zombie from PvsZ. There was also the Parasite, that would spawn mini-parasites every 20 seconds until the parent Parasite was killed. The REZ zombies brought back recent corpses, even if they were missing limbs. It restored thier HP to full. That guy was super dangerous. I just dont get it. Everyone hated the cop explosions. And then TFP adds the same thing, just ten times worse. After three years, this is what they finally add to the game? They should have just fixed the hitbox on the juggernaut.
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