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  1. YES! I do not understand. To the same bowl it is impossible to produce in any class other than survival. It's an incomprehensible complication
  2. 3 types of drinks require the skill of hunger instead of thirst - vegetable juices, carrot and tomato The scavenging skills seem to have been put away incorrectly. I find things only level from 30-80 with the skill quality joe 3 level, player level 25 What's the point of having 100 levels of study skill? all conditions are met by level 10.
  3. Level 3 ADVANCED BOW requires character level 45 and 60 at the same time. Level 4 does not require at all. Is it wrong? BLACKSMITH FORGE icons have the wrong name
  4. I don't know if the problem is with version 4 or not, but in my world, more than half the roads end up going nowhere. I found only 1 merchant having examined more than 20 cities and did not find any library in these cities. This is the wrong balance, guys.
  5. There are issues with the loot the remains of the zombies. Sometimes it is possible sometimes not. A few times the corpse would disappear instantly... Thanks for the survival
  6. I hope the reward is in the experience points for them will be greater than in this version
  7. Hey. First, thank you very much for your work! This is a great adventure, unlike vanilla. Now a few comments and questions. 1. Constantly burning advanced forge and blacksmithing. 2. Hang on the text input window when i use the customize box solve only the dual esc. 3. Not quite clear is the amount of remuneration for nightmares - it looks like they are in glasses a little experience, and this is wrong. In the configuration file I could not find (tell me where?). 4. A terrible imbalance in the chances of a rare loot-on the 80 day of the game I could not find MP443, Benelli, HK G3, Bo
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