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  1. Yes I have the latest version of hotfixes installed.
  2. Help please. This is not the first time such an error occurs. There is only one solution - a new game. This is bad. There were no unexpected power offs, and the game exits are normal. Version A 19 and 19.1 are the same. Installed mod Compopack
  3. you need a rare book One Man Army
  4. 431Slick in the center of 2 big cities and in each trader
  5. it's random. I have 8 traders, 1 of them in the radioactive zone.
  6. last found in chibbs treasure map
  7. I found it on the construction site. now a new problem-there is no sword of dragons anywhere
  8. just like me and hacksaw. I have to open a shop for carpenters, but I still don't know how to sew clothes.
  9. sometimes they stay in place of the box-then they need to be collected using the wrench or crowbar
  10. In cardboard boxes exactly where I do not remember. There is a good new building of a small warehouse - there is something useful found every time. 1 time, airdrop found in, but not sure. I found it on day 3 or 4. That is somewhere in a simple and accessible place for new survivors
  11. 103... That's sad. I'm looking for only sewing kit. I have 5 socket wrench... random such random
  12. crowbar can be made to happiness... on my day 40 is 10 hacksaw of the first I found from the 1st day now I'm missing the sewing kit and tenderizing. The rest I found
  13. if the ability should give an improvement in the quality of things, but I continue to find gray things with full skill - this is not correct. It's not about survival or fast leveling...
  14. me too. That's sad. In vanilla, it works right.
  15. found several times in different versions including 4.3
  16. you're kidding. To warn you that the world is dangerous at every turn? It's survival. be a man Jax wrote
  17. I do not have Denser Cities in my mod folder. 4.3 installed via launcher
  18. I still have. But for the solution with a bunch of grass thank you!!!
  19. It also happens in the areas where I'm leaving home. Where I haven't traveled yet. There is still the problem of an excessive number of parts of weapons in loot - I just have nowhere to put such a number now - - - Updated - - - Yes, it is true
  20. Survival 4.3 Is a great fight for life. There are problems - 1. minibike on any road moves more slowly than on biome (forest steppe destroyed burned) 2. too often in loot books with rare recipes of weapons, tools 3. when you turn off the respawn loot after a while again appear disassembled earlier cars that can be searched again and again to disassemble and so on - Maybe it's a vanilla problem. 4. if you play for a long time without exit to the menu - stops spawn animals and zombies - Maybe it's a vanilla problem too.
  21. are extracted from lamps
  22. The best thing about this design is used to make the antenna - circle with radiating rays in 2 directions. Even sometimes placed on the ground in the yard of the gas station
  23. Please make the night monsters as scary as before in 3. Now this is an elementary school for a walk...
  24. I have the infection did not pass within 7 days. It's definitely not working right. I was taking medicine, taking a bath and resting on the bed
  25. I believe that the infection is not fully thought out. The permanent inscription is confusing. If you take the medicine there is no idea whether the process of recovery has begun or not. The infection as was and is. There is no information about slowing it down or healing it. For example on my 7th day the infection had not gone at all, no matter what I did - took a bath, took medicines, rested in bed. NOTHING helps. It's annoying. And tell me where I can fix the loot time in the different blocks? closed Cabinet loot time2sec, box 5 sec and shelves 8 seconds this is not correct. What file is th
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