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  1. 1) Elevators gone. 2) Book... Books books... i want to build and kill i dont want to read 7 books and a full page.. oh wait.. there are 2 hidden on the 2nd page.. TO MANY GOD BLESSED BOOKS!! 3) Note #2, Let me pick what i want to learn. like in 17V 4) Storage.. Remove the brown piece of krap box and put the larger square ones back!! 5) Transport speeds.... OMFG the dam bike is faster than the truck!... and the Gyro is SLOWER than the truck. It take 50 min to make a truck Chassis.. but only 3 min to but the ENTIRE TRUCK together. 6) Ore colors and bottom of the world color. Need a better distinction between these... Ever see Coal in real life..ITS BLACK! VERY BLACK.. I have 5000+ hrs playing this game. I FREAKEN LOVE THIS GAME... or the old version.. Why don't you just fix glitches in 17. call it a game and Move on!
  2. The only thing a Fun Pimps should post from here forward is ... Its done and being released.... Unless that is So... PLEASE GET OFF THE FORUMS AND FIX THE FREAKEN GAME!!
  3. Correct... we just wipe the map.. again ..
  4. Thank you for your reply.
  5. Can not spwn in my server all was good 26th lvl out at the east crystal area .. buddy and i were walking and fell through grafix glich in the map.. both his esc .. try to log back and and it wont let us back in.. i reset server several times
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