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  1. Even the Buzzards are powered by Sorcery!
  2. Day 18 horde night on Fire Series!
  3. You can make a base to hold up to the fallen and loot them while alive!
  4. Part two of the base build and testing it out on a big horde! Game stage 120ish! The idea was to be able to loot the fallen while alive! And stay alive!
  5. So I had a request for a base build to hold up to the horde and fallen, while being able to loot the fallen alive. So here is what I have started!
  6. So here is a video on how fun it is to smash through a horde with Fire! I then go through some of the elements of the Sorcery mod so you can see what it has to offer!
  7. I did a night run on Shotgun Messiah and those spell turrets rocked it! Another great feature of the Sorcery Mod! I can't wait for the next horde night now!
  8. I completed a night run on Shotgun Messiah! Those spell turrets rocked it!
  9. Day 16 horde! Check it out!
  10. Working on my Fire Series! Can't wait for Ice! In case you were wondering, it is worth starting now even with just fire. It add so much with just one element!
  11. Day 14/15 Fire Series! I go hunting for Fallen!
  12. It really is fun to play with fire! Day 13/14 and I become a fire master!
  13. Here is a quick video on how to use the Mod Launcher to get Darkness Falls and Sorcery to play together! Visit the Sorcery Discord for Sorcery files!
  14. My latest video in my Fire Series on Sorcery mod!
  15. For those wondering what the sorcery mod is like, here is a short playlist of an introduction to Sorcery. Check it out!
  16. New base time! I finally use the motorcycle too! Check out the latest in my Fire series!
  17. You know you too would love to drop a meteor on Grace's head! Well here is your chance to see it done! If you want to do it yourself, check out the mod for yourself!
  18. A well time meteor spell landing on Grace!
  19. Newest episode is up!
  20. Here is the latest Day on my Sorcery playthrough!
  21. Thanks for checking it out! If you ever decided to play the mod, make episodes so I can watch!
  22. More gameplay of the Sorcery Mod!
  23. I guess I did not dive that deep into how it was done!
  24. Love your energy and excitement! 7 days to vacate is a fun twist.
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