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  1. Check out my 30plus live streams of sorcery mod! Catch up before Ice is released!
  2. Yes you always have to start a new game with updates and when adding a new mod. Here is how you can Manually load Darkness Falls and Sorcery together!
  3. Added new video How to manually load Darkness Falls and Sorcery together!
  4. New video loaded! The Last Stand! Check it out!
  5. My fire series came to an explosive end and I had fun with the short!
  6. Day 6 of the No Loot series is up! And it is horde night!
  7. Here is a great tutorial on the Fire Spells and Spellcaster! No need to support at all. It just helps the creator spend more time creating and updating it!
  8. Here is a great Tutorial on the Fire Spells and Spellcaster!
  9. Fire series continues on YouTube if you want to check it out! Burning zombies is fun!
  10. Ice is being worked on now and will be out in Version .93. Visit the Discord to stay up to date and see sneak peaks!
  11. Newest Fire Series is up now! Shotgun Messiah versus fire!
  12. This is my new series, no building loot! It is tough trying to progress with out being able to loot a POI!
  13. So this episode had a crazy POI! Zombies falling from the ceiling! It was great!
  14. Here is my Live Game Play series on the Sorcery Mod!
  15. Darkness falls is compatible, the UI part is a side effect. The two creators worked together to make them work together otherwise. Sorcery does not work with other overhauls yet.
  16. Another 7 Days Short video!
  17. Here is a YouTube #shorts introducing Sorcery Mod!
  18. Here is a nice short highlighting Sorcery Mod!
  19. A quick walkthrough on how to load Darkness Falls from the Mod Launcher, then install Sorcery Mod into it. Both mod creators worked on compatibility! Important to not load Deep Pockets from Sorcery into Darkness Falls.
  20. Even the Buzzards are powered by Sorcery!
  21. Day 18 horde night on Fire Series!
  22. You can make a base to hold up to the fallen and loot them while alive!
  23. Part two of the base build and testing it out on a big horde! Game stage 120ish! The idea was to be able to loot the fallen while alive! And stay alive!
  24. So I had a request for a base build to hold up to the horde and fallen, while being able to loot the fallen alive. So here is what I have started!
  25. So here is a video on how fun it is to smash through a horde with Fire! I then go through some of the elements of the Sorcery mod so you can see what it has to offer!
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