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  1. Ok. WOW! It is absolutely the goggles. I have the Tough Guy Glasses on giving me +1 Fortitude and Level 4 Perception with Rank 2 Animal Tracker. I just confirmed that, AS SOON AS I take them off, the animal tracking works 100%!! I took them off, went out to do some hunting, found 6/6 chickens and rabbits and it was working normal with the green paw buff, the overhead compass icon, and on-animal icon. I even went as far as to find a rabbit, put the glasses back on, and confirm that the compass and on-animal icons disappear. Then I take them back off and they reappear. No doubt about it! I conti
  2. I am having the same problem. I started wearing a pair of the +1 Fortitude glasses before I put the 2nd point into Animal Tracker, so it's possible that they are the problem. I never had a single problem with Rank 1 Animal Tracker. Rank 2 will show the green paw icon but rarely shows an open world icon (on the animal itself). I have found many coyotes and snakes with it, but the on-animal icon for the chickens and rabbits seem to be broken. Several times I have had a chicken or rabbit run right pass me without an on-animal icon while it says there is an animal in the area but it doesn't have a
  3. I have used this mod many times, so I'm not new to it, but v. 12.4 doesn't appear to be creating the ServerTools folder in the '\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves' folder. I'm hosting an a17 b221 server. I also have BCManager and Alloc's Fixes "installed" and have confirmed that they are working. I have the downloaded ServerTools 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die Dedicated Server\Mods' folder and I have the BCManager mod folder in place, but it's not auto-creating the Saves 'ServerTools' folder. It's creating a ServerTools.db file in the world folder, and BCM is cr
  4. Hello all. I've played this mod before a few times. Somewhat recently, I went back to vanilla with a buddy who was playing it for the first time. We played co-op while he hosted locally via Multiplayer, then I eventually took his saved files and created a dedi server on my file server. We played for a while, then moved on to some other games. Now we're back to 7D2D because we're excited about a17, so I figured i'd show him Ravenhearst to see what mods for the game look like. I've hosted servers for several years and can usually work out these kinds of problems, but I can't figured this one out
  5. I have a piss-poor CenturyLink Technicolor C2100T as the main gateway that's only handling two IPTV boxes, then an ASUS RT-AC66W as the main router handling all the wireless and wired connections for the rest of the network. Previously, I had bridged the C2100T and used my Asus as the main router, but then the IPTVs stopped working after a while. CenturyLink came out and replaced the gateway but said it was going to happen again eventually. I still tried to bridge the new gateway and the ♥♥♥♥ty hardware would not allow it to happen so I left it alone and went with double-NAT :'( When I acce
  6. I'm not trying to be ungrateful, but it was kind of a "let me google that for you" assist. I looked at the site. Most are related to web hosting provider issues, but I'm not running Apachy or any web hosting services, and it's not a DNS issue. I also checked my hosts file and it's clean.
  7. Thanks, but I don't think any of these are the solution.
  8. Would that really make a difference between internal and external access, if it works from a local IP? I just tried it, rebooted too... no dice.
  9. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong ... I've setup the browser map before on many installations on my private server. I'm running Ravenhearst mod, and I have Alloc's fixes and ServerTools in place as well. I am behind a double-NAT only because CenturyLink's gateway is crap and can't handle my network of devices, so I have my router behind their gateway. I have several other services running through the double-NAT and they works just fine; I just forward the needed port in their gateway to my router's IP, then in my router I point it to my server's internal IP. I can browse to http://<
  10. Add Wolves & Boar to Browser Map? Hi Alloc, I noticed today that the browser map isn't showing icons for spawned wolves and boars. Do you intend to update the browser map to show them?
  11. Hmm... I thought I installed the dedi server through SteamCMD. I guess I'll do a reinstall.
  12. Thanks for the response, zigstum. So this is what I get: Should I be concerned about that "Not loading DLL, only supported on the dedicated server build" part? Note that I'm using Magoli's COMBOPACK_22 modded prefab pack but no actual mods of any kind. I did modify the items.xml to increase the stack number on all drinks, but that's it.
  13. Browser Map not working So what am I doing wrong? I can't get the browser map to work. I used SteamCMD to load the dedicated server files on my file server PC running Win7 so it's in a custom folder (D:\SteamGames\7dtdserver\). My client and server are up to date. I had already generated a map and played on it for about 10 in-game days before I wanted to try to get the browser map working. I found that I already had the 'Mods' folder in the root '7dtdserver' folder where the 7daystodie.exe and startdedicated.bat files are, but just to make sure I downloaded the latest version from the site,
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