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  1. not sure how to get to the console or where that log is located but it's definitely client and server side (I have custom icons). I also tried it as the only mod and I still had the problems also... it's only the generator. The other two things work great!
  2. The watts indeed show up to roughly that number. I'm not sure if I put the fuel in before or after i put the engines in but I definitely have the book and skill knowledge. The potential wattage and everything shows like you would expect and when i turn it on, the makes noise as you would expect, but when connecting something to it, it doesn't receive power and the usage wattage stays at 0. I'm playing on a dedicated server, if that makes a difference but i'm not having issues with any other mods. I also tried re-installing, with no luck. Still have the same problem.
  3. Trying the Nuclear Power mod and i can't seem to get the Nuclear Generator to work. The Nuclear Solar and Battery ones work fine. I noticed that there are Nuclear engines, one for parts to craft the actual engine, and the actual engine. They both go into the Engine spots on the Generator but neither of them seem to work. The Gen powers on w/ sound but it doesn't actually power anything that's connected to it.
  4. Disregard, i'm an idiot.
  5. Auger/Chainsaw Upgrade Issues I can't seem to upgrade the auger or chainsaw blades. I have the materials and I know the recipe and I've tried at both the workbench and the advanced tools workbench (wotw). The craft button simply doesn't show up for me to click. What am I missing here? [ATTACH=CONFIG]24586[/ATTACH]
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