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  1. Thinking back to the last engine upgrade (from Unity to Unity, but still), it set the development back quite a bit, and I'm not sure if a complete overhaul to Unreal engine would even be feasible at this point. I'm also certain this has been a topic of discussion quite a few times in the past..?
  2. What other incentive do you have to build vehicles, than making that 2km trip go faster..?
  3. You really didn't catch that until now..?! Slackers!
  4. He's around, but a bit preoccupied at the time being...
  5. He won't tell us, and even if he did, we wouldn't be able to hear it over the sobbing.
  6. Uh... Maybe we shouldn't push it, he'll cry and tell Madmole..!
  7. Hehe! Roland, are you skeerd? Gipo wanted to know.
  8. Make Spoilers viewable on phone version. And, as Gup said; Repping.
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