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  1. I'm sad to admit that 7dtd has become the "other game", I still have it installed, but there's so much new and shiny elsewhere... "Forgive me, Madmole, for I have sinned..."
  2. Hmmmm… What to call you when you hit 20.000... Like tomorrow..?
  3. Don't for a second think, we don't owe you thanks!
  4. Of course, why would they remove a uh.. feature..?
  5. Yup, useless extravaganza without adding depth at all, let modders do this stuff.
  6. Massive yellow text, massive yellow van and some weird nut daily..? Sounds like Gipo's idea..? Or maybe Guppy's...
  7. *stumbles in* Sorry I'm late!!
  8. So according to you, a "slow down" is the equivalent of a screeching halt..?
  9. You really didn't catch that until now..?! Slackers!
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