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    I am a life-long gamer, and more recently into the YouTube/Twitch scene with my non-gamer wife doing survival games, primarily 7 Days to Die.

    Also, I am a father of 3, programmer/analyst during the day, and one day dreaming of playing games and entertaining folks for a living.
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  1. A common resolution among most of the players I've interacted with; pack mule is currently not worth it. Yes, early game it takes a lot of frustration out of encumbrance but you don't "need" it, as you can get full inventory access with triple pocket mods, and simple clothing pocket mods. Min-max'ers will do their best to avoid wasting points here that will eventually be rendered useless. Now, the suggestion: Through each tier of pack mule, add "increased stack sizes" in one of two ways: (using 25% as a first-glance suggestion, balance could dictate otherwise) - T
  2. Count me in! Going to pick up some slack and really get into building for this alpha. We have one half built from A18, waiting for whatever new fancy stuff A19 has in store.
  3. Steam name: genosis79 Steam name: DaphyDuck91 Hours played: 3,472 Started on Alpha: 16.4 Discord name: Genosis#4459 Native language: English Operating system : Windows 10 (note I added my wife as the 2nd steam name as she has similar statistics and would like to participate as well) Community involvement: - Created several POI/prefabs that are used in many mod packs, shared with anyone to download via forums and NexusMods - Author modlets shared on NexusMods - Ran a (currently 7) video series on YouTube for Prefab tutorials to help bring mo
  4. This looks like a lot of fun Sam_Neill! May have to take a closer look at this soon when my schedule clears up. And I found our Asylum on the map around 320N 4400E, the shape is pretty distinctive on the webmap lol. If you're interested, I recently updated the Asylum for A18 and included some tweaks/fixes, we recently finished a lighthouse if you're still actively adding builds into your map. I keep all our builds updated in a separate download on Nexus.
  5. My wife and I will be updating our builds that RH uses once A18 drops, will be sending them and any new builds along to Jax's team if they are interested I have some fixes I already did to the big Asylum for better pathing/gameplay.
  6. Did you just clear the blocks/terrain, or did you delete the prefab designated bounds as well? That is, in the world editor, look at the map, do you still see green squares where those POI's used to be? If so, make sure you are showing bounds in your settings, select it, hit K to open up properties, and select "Delete prefab". That should unregister the prefab from that area, and will no longer render the mesh in that location. That's a guess, I haven't tried but in theory that should work from what I understand of the prefab system.
  7. Question about your mod, is there one more up to date or is this the current version? We started using this on our server and we had an issue with it streaming last week. So, with that in mind here is a link to when a death was captured on stream : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/416841746?t=00h31m12s Now, we started to have issues where she kept hanging on loading the server, dying over and over, and not completely having her profile reset which lasted about 15 minutes. Is there a reason this might occur? My first assumption would be file permissions and failing to delete all related f
  8. I am keeping close tabs on this as well; I run a fan server for our channel and I have people asking near daily when the next update is coming out, which is when we are holding of restarting our map. (we are still running that "island" map from an earlier iteration). I am ok with waiting, I just hope the new RWG that comes out is close to the "final product" in terms of major features RWG is going to have. Roads, improved terrain/rivers, and mostly good POI blends is what I am looking forward to. A map gets pretty stale when the same building is repeated over and over in some areas.
  9. Ha, I didn't regret watching that. I now have increased respect for the blunderbuss. Would I give up my AK? Heck naw, but that looked fun.
  10. I like that idea as well; make it more of a "server achievement" perhaps, taking several quests per tier upgrade. Have the stock availability improve (much like secret stash does now) as the tiers increase.
  11. +1 for this, that's actually kinda awesome to take some unexplained things and make a reasonable player-made excuse for it. Same could be said of traveling between one trader to the next as a caravan quest, which would both explain how they restock, as well as aid in finding other traders on the map.
  12. I concur; a number of my games had updates with no other notes on why.
  13. They could also, like most heated discussions, resolve this by tossing in an "infection chance slider" to the game setup. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can't complain when the resolution to game balance is a slider away, right? Though, to be fair, that might not be a bad idea. Some people don't like managing infections, others want the "full zombie experience" and want that ever lasting fear to be there. No touchies!
  14. How about the lower your health, the less armor you wear, the greater the chance of infection? For example, if you are geared up with full miltary gear, full health, you have a small chance at contact through a gap in the armor, flying blood, etc. (5%) On the other extreme, you just started, you broke your leg, health is at 30% (open wounds), contact with zombies have an 85% at infecting you as you are injured, and exposed. That way, maintaining health (medicine, food, etc) becomes more of a priority than just maintaining stamina and the distant issue of starvation/dehydration. Also, the
  15. Ah found it, my search-fu is strong today: It shows you if the item you are mousing over is better or worse.
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