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    I am a life-long gamer, and more recently into the YouTube/Twitch scene with my non-gamer wife doing survival games, primarily 7 Days to Die.

    Also, I am a father of 3, programmer/analyst during the day, and one day dreaming of playing games and entertaining folks for a living.
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  1. A common resolution among most of the players I've interacted with; pack mule is currently not worth it. Yes, early game it takes a lot of frustration out of encumbrance but you don't "need" it, as you can get full inventory access with triple pocket mods, and simple clothing pocket mods. Min-max'ers will do their best to avoid wasting points here that will eventually be rendered useless. Now, the suggestion: Through each tier of pack mule, add "increased stack sizes" in one of two ways: (using 25% as a first-glance suggestion, balance could dictate otherwise) - Tiered 5,10,15,20,25 % increased stack sizes across all eligible items. (Raw resources stacking to 6k is plenty, also considering you can "bundle" them.. so perhaps leave those out) - Add groups of stacked items such as - T1-Efficient survivalist: store water and cooked food 25% more per stack - T2-OCD Handyman: Store mechanical and electrical parts 25% more per stack - Etc, etc.. add ammo stacks, animal remains (leather, meat, bones, fat), medical supplies as other suggested groups at the appropriate tier. As of A19, the fun pimps did well to spread out perks to incentivize less used perks by dismantling "Yeah science" for example, and this suggested change would make a lot of people take a second look at this perk where many wouldn't. Anyhoo, just a random thought I had while playing the other day. Thanks for reading!
  2. Count me in! Going to pick up some slack and really get into building for this alpha. We have one half built from A18, waiting for whatever new fancy stuff A19 has in store.
  3. Steam name: genosis79 Steam name: DaphyDuck91 Hours played: 3,472 Started on Alpha: 16.4 Discord name: Genosis#4459 Native language: English Operating system : Windows 10 (note I added my wife as the 2nd steam name as she has similar statistics and would like to participate as well) Community involvement: - Created several POI/prefabs that are used in many mod packs, shared with anyone to download via forums and NexusMods - Author modlets shared on NexusMods - Ran a (currently 7) video series on YouTube for Prefab tutorials to help bring more prefab builders to the community - Manage two 7 Days to Die servers - Frequent 7 Days to Die videos on YouTube channel with my wife (Not-A-Gamer Gaming) - Affiliate Twitch streamer (notagamergaming / genosis79)
  4. Sure, last I checked you can skip logging into Dropbox and just DL directly. I edited the post above.
  5. Hey guys, Playing around with some modlets to restore Christmas themed items back into the game for our community server folks over at Not-A-Gamer Gaming, and had a notion: I wonder if I could have a Santa hat mod like we do all those other cosmetic mods that add the heat/cold resist? Well turns out you can! I added a Santa hat mod with that sweet cold resistance, and also threw in a Candy Cane club mod for club-type weapons (iron club, baseball bat, etc) so you can spread cheer in your weapon of choice. Here is a link to the Nexus entry so you can download it for yourself: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/625/ Edit: Dropbox link for non-Nexus users
  6. I will be updating the Navezgane map, yep. Had a pretty hectic last few weeks, but should be settling down so I can go through and modify the new A18 Navezgane. Shouldn't take all that long, I will probably be keeping them in about the same places as A17.
  7. Thanks Axebeard, we recently rerolled our community server and our prefabs showed up great, even the troublesome ones.
  8. This looks like a lot of fun Sam_Neill! May have to take a closer look at this soon when my schedule clears up. And I found our Asylum on the map around 320N 4400E, the shape is pretty distinctive on the webmap lol. If you're interested, I recently updated the Asylum for A18 and included some tweaks/fixes, we recently finished a lighthouse if you're still actively adding builds into your map. I keep all our builds updated in a separate download on Nexus.
  9. Sorry, I just realized I didn't get notifications for this thread; that file name looks familiar, did you see that on one of our prefab tutorial videos? If so, that was the mini-dungeon prefab I did for the tutorial series, which I re-built and saved, then placed into the world as part of the tutorial. It's such a quick build without a lot of our usual detail and "unique feel", just for an example.
  10. Shift + Left click works too, if I recall. I’ve been trying to replace my wife’s habit of using the dev guns to destroy things since it’s sometimes too destructive lol - - - Updated - - - Also, never used Nitrogen but it seems like a pretty sweet tool. May have to look more closely at it
  11. 1. Yes! Pressing X will rotate anything you have selected. 2. Quest markers will appear if you started the quest from the supplied test trader, and if you register quest objectives in the XML file (fetch, clear, cache). I’d suggest looking at another prefab file the fun pimps created (factory_01 for example) and see what tags they include. There are zoning and allowed township flags you may also want to consider if you are looking at including in an RWG map. Hope that helps!
  12. Thanks Magoli! We actually have one coming out this week; build and playtesting is done, just have to record our usual play through video and will update the Nexus archive. Here is a sneak peak: If you've seen the 2005 movie Yours, Mine & Ours, this is inspired by lighthouse that family lived in. We did our own interior/extras though, just tried to capture the exterior facade. Should be available to watch/download on Thursday if all goes as planned.
  13. Hey Guys! It's been a while; but now that the excitement for the gameplay of A18 is settling in, it's time for us to get back into the prefab editor and make some cool stuff. To start, I updated our 4 primary dungeon builds to clean up any missing blocks, and add some A18 spice along with some gameplay fixes. Feel free to download, include in prefab packs (just credit us/our channel), and enjoy. Here is a link to the updated prefabs: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/350?tab=files Note: For just the prefab files themselves, download Prefabs.zip. This currently includes: (links lead to play-through videos) - - - - - We are nearing completion of our next build, and more ideas on the way so I will update this post as our collection grows. Edit 2019-11-25 : Added lighthouse video to the list
  14. I have been working on a rather large build with a friend, more than 200x200 in size, and after clicking "Update Imposter", it appears the entire building has been stuffed with a soil like material painted like marble. No air blocks or non square shapes within the structure. All replaced with this "stuffing". We tried deleting the mesh file, toggling show imposter, deleting the mesh file, to no avail. Is this prefab ruined?
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