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  1. Kaliyana, what is your favorite part about Farm Life Expanded?
  2. AWESOME THEN MAYBE somewhat of a working one by this weekend if you get time.
  3. Is this mod able to be used now?
  4. Yes this could very well be the issue
  5. Hey Phredd, I am absolutely positive it is not an imbedding issues, as I removed the alpha 19 folder first and extracted the farm folder with inside has the config and resources files. It seems to be an issue with those particular items. I am able to do a search and find the chicken plant but when I do a search to find the fertile egg, there is none.. Is it missing a file in your mod link? Or did I not get the most updated link where you fixed issues yesterday or this morning?
  6. Hey Phredd, I wanted to post these errors I am still having an issue with. Seems like the chickenplant.prefab and the fertile egg are still throwing constant errors on my dedicated server.. Please help. Ill post screenshot.
  7. Is anyone getting error when trying to download the comppack 43 for alpha 18.4? Is anyone getting error when trying to download the comppack 43 for alpha 18.4?
  8. Steam name: Blueeyezz81 Hours played: 654 hours Started on Alpha: Alpha 16 Discord name: Mel#4685 Native language: English
  9. We have been playing Darkness Falls mod and is anyone else not finding Iron ore or any other mining material above surface like its suppose to be in Alpha 18? We are digging and cant' find it underneath either... Any suggestions?
  10. Does anyone know if the Butcher mod and the Car Mechanic mod are compatible with DF?
  11. DHL.. Thanks for putting it in a different perspective for me. I do hear where you are coming from.. Speaking of mods.. are there any new ones that have come out that I could try that would be good.. or do you have any that you recommend?
  12. I totally agree.. they are trying to put entirely too much into ONE freaking update when they could have put out a little at a time and pushed more updates out rather than 8 months for one update... to keep everyone interested and more going on... i dont know why they are doing that honestly and if anyone has any insight on why i would love to hear it.. More communication on a game and its updates or at least what you are working on keeps your people interested and those who have so much time vested in the game worth it.
  13. Has anyone heard annyyything about release or attempted release? I haven't seen any responses or posts to that affect.. no videos on youtube from Joel in over a month? Would love to see someeee type of updates.... anyone know any news?
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