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  1. HDHQ Vehicle v1.2 Available Now - Physics update. HDHQ Vehicles 1.2 is now available. This is a rather large update that brings many fixes to the vehicles, including progression unlocks (sorry) All vehicles have been reworked and pivot points are exact, so no more oscillating wheels, or pull left bugs. No more wheel spinning when not moving or uneven ground etc. All vehicles now have unique characteristics and Brand New Physics Profiles The APC: Now exits through the top hatch and can be re-entered via top hatch whilst standing on vehicle. High Torque levels. 1 Gear System. Drive + Reverse. Weight 12.3 tonnes. Can run over and destroy fences, small trees, cars, sign posts, light poles. Can Breach wooden buildings. 50K health at Tier 6. Shift button disabled, is full speed all the time. Monster Ute. 3 speed, low range to high torque. Stiff rear suspension keeps front wheels planted. This allows mountain climbing/rock hopping. Shift Button acts as turbo and Slip key for drifting and high manoeuvrability. Monster Car lightest of the vehicles. fastest default of the vehicles (including vanilla jeep) even without turbo lower torque than Ute use full suspension travel highly grippy School Bus Slowest of the vehicles 25K health at tier 6 weight 4 tonnes Monster Ute Climbing a Mountain HDHQ Vehicle Compatibility Patch for Darkness Falls. (only on launcher/gitlab) You will now find in the modlets section HDHQ Vehicles-DF. This is an official compatibility patch provided by me for Darkness Falls maintaining 100% compatibility within Khaine's vision. HDHQ Plants - Pick Up Patch by Ragsy. Ragsy has made a patch for the HDHQ Plants modlet so that you can pick them up instead of punching. Make sure it loads after HDHQ Plants. You can grab that modlet by Ragsy from: Ragsy's Modlets Download from the usual locations below 7 DAYS MOD LAUNCHER DOWNLOAD FROM NEXUSMODS DOWNLOAD MAIN PACK FROM GITLAB 4K v1.1b A17.1 b9 DOWNLOAD MAIN PACK FROM GITLAB 2K v1.1b A17.1 b9 HDHQ MODLET REPO @ GITLAB - - - Updated - - - Fixed the vehicles, will look at the other 2 you mentioned. I'll get you some pics ASAP, most likely in the morning now. Its even better now.
  2. Vehicle update 1.1b-apc New Added HDHQ APC Vehicle. Exit is through top hatch of vehicle. In Gyrocopter loot spawns. Recipes added. Illuminated Tail lights when lights are active. Monster Car, APC. Fixed Wheel collision/physics on Monster Ute and Monster Car. Should be less skatey. Icons for crafted items - accessories, chassis. Bus Texture Adjusted light settings 7 DAYS MOD LAUNCHER DOWNLOAD FROM NEXUSMODS HDHQ MODLET REPO @ GITLAB
  3. There is no new wall torch. The HDHQ torch is hand held only, so if you place it, it will become a normal wall torch. I will be making a new wall torch soon.
  4. The bulk of this mod *should* be compatible with 99% of mods out there. The only thing with Wild Lands will be the Biome packs. mjrice has renamed the vanilla snow biome to alpine_forest, and added in a great_plains biome. You would need to write a compatibility patch for it so the snow biome knows where to look, or alternatively, patch wild lands so alpine_forest is renamed back to snow. either or. (or just dont use the snow biome modlet) The easier way would be for mjrice to use vanilla biome names, but, we cant expect everything to be compatible with everyone out of the box.
  5. The Trees are only bugged when you install into an existing save in already explored areas. Trees in new areas that you havent explored/uncovered will be normal HP. New games have no such issue. - - - Updated - - - If you can clip in vanilla, you will be able to clip in this mod. The mod doesnt do anything to cause or avoid such a thing.
  6. Someone earlier in the thread ended up mixing the 2 packs together and it still works. The second modlet that follows will throw some warning because it tries to remove things the previous one did, but other than that it appeared to work fine. We will see what the future holds. Ive just added the start of a new modlet. HDHQ Vehicles. These are voxel like vehicles which I personally think is 1, fitting for the game, 2 Low poly, 3, just awesome. This first release includes a Monster Car, Monster Ute, and a School Bus. All vehicles are armored. I have just copied the 4x4 at this point, but we have to start somewhere. Recipes and loot groups included, same as 4x4. 7 DAYS MOD LAUNCHER DOWNLOAD FROM NEXUSMODS HDHQ MODLET REPO @ GITLAB Note: The Wheel rim used on the Monster Car and Ute is based/modified off of Foulques Truck Wheel 4*4 which you can find here: Licence: CC Attribution. https://sketchfab.com/models/ba525a785073441f839fd7a57ecb5bf7
  7. If you are using the launcher, a manual install of HDHQ would be easiest. There isnt anything that will conflict as far as Im aware after speaking with Khaine. So you are free to drop in the main pack bundles, and modlets you want to use as necessary without any worry.
  8. Without testing, base on my own isolation test, I can only hazard a guess and say its possible. My map only got brighter when the sun was up as per the image. There was no change to the map with moonlight or not. Only the Sun. You could remove that modlet (I have no idea if it will break a save or not) and see if you can reproduce the issue with out it?
  9. How/What did you, by chance, if anything, when all the planets aligned, do? Is there a way to reproduce? I dont get the same result, right click image, new tab for full size. Midnight, 3.30am, Midday.
  10. For Single Player: on the client end you can pick and choose what you want, mix and match it how you want. Main pack is textures and lighting changes. Modlets do as described. For Multiplayer Dedicated Servers: You do not install the main pack to a server, it is client side only. Modlets must be installed on the client AND the server. You will get the benefit of the higher resolution textures at 1080p. Pick which pack is best for your machine based on your hardware. 4K textures will have a small CPU hit, barely noticable. The iron/lead/potassium/coal/rare textures are all redone. You will find it *easier* to spot the ores underground using my textures. Thanks Thats a RWG problem unfortunately, not the mod.
  11. I appreciate the kind words. Thank you. Im pleased you enjoy the mod.
  12. If you use an existing save: Trees in explored areas will have 1HP. Trees in unexplored areas will be normal. New Game has no problems. So, the launcher needed to be updated to support Modlets from Gitlab. Sphereii has been working tirelessly to bring this functionality to the launcher. That has happened in the last day/hour. It still has some work to be done/polishing but the functionality is now there. So with that. Modlets are now finally available on the launcher! Click the Blue Link stating the mod author has a list of modlets, from there you can select which modlets you would like to install.
  13. Updates: Main Thread Description - Biome Pack - Redux: Zero Pop Trees - You will only see shadow draw based on your distance setting in options HDHQ Plants 1.1b - Fixes plant names appearing when focusing on the block HDHQ Biome Pack Baseline - PineBaseline 1.1b - fixes rogue tree in alpine prefab - switched to dead HDHQ Biome Pack Redux - PineRedux 1.1b - fixes rogue tree in alpine prefab - switched to dead Thanks to Ragsy for a point in the right direction on the plants. DOWNLOAD FROM NEXUSMODS HDHQ MODLET REPO @ GITLAB
  14. Ive had a quick chat with Khaine. I dont see any real issues/compatibility problems with DF. You look good to go. Thanks Ragsy. Some people will find this useful Im sure. Thanks
  15. Yes you can. Download the MAIN PACK, but only install the resources.assets file. You dont need to regen anything when only using the main pack. Trees are the only things that will misbehave in existing chunks/saves that require a regen to fix.
  16. Once I get the Nexus Page sorted in the same vein as this thread's OP's I'll be back on top of the things next in line (really need to get these pages done, such a time sink) You're welcome. #Modlife I didnt notice any changes during testing. I tested b9 exp blocks against b9 stable and didnt notice anything. The ID's certainly didnt change between b9 exp and b9 stable on resources.assets. In the b9 Stable package I did redo the Blocktexture file just in case they slipped something into the array, or something else that wasnt in the patch notes. I like to be complete so if you do notice something(I dont expect any), grab the stable package.
  17. I just forgot to include it on the list, which I have now. Im suspecting its a localisation issue.
  18. Sorry for the late reply. I have *finally* updated the Main 2 Posts of the thread to help clarify the contents of this mod/modlets as well as the installation instructions. (tried to simplify the install instructions for Single Player and Dedicated Servers) Please let me know if anything is off. As TopAce6 mentioned the main difference is their tri count. The Baseline Biome Pack consists of trees that are from 50 - 300 tris. The Redux Biome pack consists of trees that are 2 - 3x heavier than the baseline pack. You should get a fps boost compared to vanilla with both. You could then reduce the spawning further and net more if you wanted to. I have uploaded v1.1b Stable B9 to all relevant locations for the sake of "being complete". If you had 1.1b Exp b9, you do not need to update anything. DOWNLOAD FROM NEXUSMODS DOWNLOAD MAIN PACK FROM GITLAB 4K v1.1b A17.1 b9 DOWNLOAD MAIN PACK FROM GITLAB 2K v1.1b A17.1 b9 HDHQ MODLET REPO @ GITLAB
  19. Manux is in trouble now. Awesome job. You're writing the tut now
  20. HDHQ v1.1b A17.1 b9 Experimental MAIN PACK files in 2K and 4K are now uploaded to all relevant locations. HDHQ v1.1b experimental: - Adjusted Blood Moon lighting/Time Scale Launcher: - Fixed 4K experimental config DOWNLOAD FROM NEXUS DOWNLOAD MAIN PACK FROM GITLAB 4K v1.1b A17.1 EXP b9 DOWNLOAD MAIN PACK FROM GITLAB 2K v1.1b A17.1 EXP b9
  21. Excellent! If you know what you are looking for you *could*. But, you also have to check for timing changes in regards to lighting. eg: the timing changed between b240 stable and b8 experi as such I had to adjust the timescale on the blood moon files. Some other things tend to change as well but are minor, generally not in patch notes type stuff. The longest part of updating, is the uploading of the new versions. Its no bother for me, just takes time
  22. I cant reproduce this. Only the Gun modlet touches item_modifiers.xml. Is it possible to connect via TeamViewer and I can have a look/help? If you want me to connect via TeamViewer, PM me the ID and Password. Do not post it publicly. Thanks Whenever a new release comes out, I need to update resources.assets as all the id's have changed. Generally you can keep terraintextures as I make this bundle entirely so carries across unless TFP add a new texture. Blocks is 50/50. I'll get an experi update out a little later today.
  23. The trees are all already GPU instanced My trees in either pack are lighter than tfp's trees and heavily optimized already, however, Im using those gains to push more trees. You can fine tune this as you like in the biomes.xml file in the config directory of each biome modlet. The problem you and everyone else has in the cities/poi's is 1) reflections on blocks that shouldnt have any. Turn the reflections off is the only solution right now. By turning reflections off you will have roughly the same fps in most locations. I spawned 25 zoms into this POI while waking the sleeper volumes etc. 2) cities/buildings lod'ing in and out, streaming textures in and out from the array eats CPU. 3) heavy zombie sleeper volumes in POI's eat CPU. Walking down the main street of Diersville and into a POI, by the end of that little walk I had 40 entities in the world.
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